Is it a bike or a motorcycle?

Cyclists all have to endure questions like these from civilians who strike up conversations with them at coffee shops and corner cafes. But this one from PG-Bikes actually does, an electric one. The gorgeous Black Trail features a full carbon fibre chassis, is good for nearly 200km and clips along at 100km/h. This prompts the question, is it a bike or is it a motorcycle? Jay Leno has one in his garage, alongside the rare Porsches and Ferraris. Whatever, it’s a pimpin’ ride and we want one.

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Neal Gardiner
“Wow, a bike that costs that much! Does it have an engine?”
Electric bikes

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  1. Wadada Africa September 7, 2010 at 11:03 am #

    oh man this is like the future of going to work. If they can make them affordable I`ll definitely swap my engine for one of these.

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