NEW GEAR: Enjoy’s Climber Bibshort

While Enjoy’s new Climber bibs won’t necessarily guarantee you that elusive Strava KOM, they will at least make you feel like a natural-born mountain goat – thanks to their super-light fabric, slim-fitting design and racy appearance. – By Aaron Borrill

Photographs by Desmond Louw

Local manufacturer Enjoy Fitness has nailed its latest creation – the Climber bib. Designed to appeal to the ardent rider, naturally these shorts conform to European standards, particularly in terms of design and ergonomics.

They’re made of 220gsm imported Italian lycra, they’re high in quality, and they’re designed for a tight and streamlined fit. We’d be lying if we said they weren’t comfortable… Where most bibshorts feel a tad constrictive around the waist and below, a dome-shaped Croatian-sourced chamois ensures your manly bits will never be strangled again.

One of the hallmark features is undoubtedly the crossover design of the straps, which creates more ventilation by freeing up fabric and reducing clutter across the chest area. The fit? Amazing, thanks largely to 70mm printable leg elastics with heat-resistant silicon that secure snugly around the thighs – no creeping here.

Photographs by Desmond Louw

The detailing too is superb – the reflective ‘Climber’ nomenclature is beautifully typeset, clear and distinctive. Nothing too overt, but effective. And then there’s the authentic secret rider message on the back of the straps that reads: ‘Look at you. On top of mountains. Salute’.

It’s this kind of attention to detail that puts the Climber bibs in the elite category. A must-have for the style-conscious cyclist who likes to ride hard when it counts.

What You Need to Know

1. Made of 220gsm imported Italian lycra
2. Crossover strap design improves ventilation
3. Bespoke detailing adds a sense of exclusivity
4. Dome-shaped chamois for improved comfort
5. 70mm printable leg elastics ensure a snug non-slip fit

PRICE: R2 500


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