Masters on a Cape Epic Mission

Mark Murphy and Shaun Frayne have teamed up to tackle the toughest mountain bike stage race in the world, the Absa Cape Epic. Follow their journey here.


An immense six-month training regime dished out by Mike Posthumus has prepared Shaun to be leaner and sharper than he has ever been. The same can be said for me as I’m about 4kg lighter than my last Epic and certainly more experienced as a rider. So let’s go out there and give it horns!

The Prologue – Day 1, Stage 0 (26 Km/800m)

Wow – the atmosphere is spectacular and the adrenalin that runs through you on the prologue is immense. A kiss goodbye to the supporting families and we were ready to go. Mike Finch and Paul-K on the microphone chirping their old work colleague on the starting line was the perfect ice breaker and a cool way to relax. It truly put me at ease as we faced the countdown clock for the challenge ahead.


The plan was to go out at a pretty good pace. We knew that riding just under the threshold over this short distance wouldn’t do too much damage.

It was all going to plan until Shaun decided to take a caffeine chewing gum on the hour mark. With the amount of adrenaline running through him, a bout of dizziness struck and we had to tap off making sure we could see off this stage. A safe solid rider was completed after a good start and we were pleased with our sub 1:30:00.

Bring on the tough Stage 1, we are ready.

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