Pinner’s Perspective: The Secret World Of Press Camps

Having signed an NDA, Oli Munnik’s lips are sealed about where he is this week and what he’s up to.


Howzit! I’m currently in ____________, having coffee with ___________ at the ____________ checking out the new product from __________.

Welcome to the world of ‘press camps’. As frustrating as it is, this is how life works on media camps where strict embargoes are in place with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) being the first thing one signs when registering.

Attending this type of assignment is without doubt one of the perks of my job as gear editor and CFO (Chief Fietsry Officer) at Bicycling Magazine. Checking out and riding new products before they hit the interwebs – let alone bike shops – is pretty cool, and something I never take for granted.

So I guess what I can say is that generally, mornings are spent learning about the new product and its underpinning technology, as well as the rationale behind the decisions and direction the concerned company is making and taking respectively.

The afternoons, in contrast are definitely what the journos come for, as it’s the time when we get to put the new product to the test. With the tech-heavy presentations over, riding the bikes and gear is so awesome, especially being able to chat to different journos about their respective markets.

If one takes Mountain Biking as an example, we in South Africa tend to gravitate towards XC/Marathon product while 99% of all other journos go straight for the longest possible travel bikes and head off with baggies, backpacks and a baguette if you’re in France!

I’ll never be invited back if I let the cat out of the bag, but rest assured, readers of Pinner’s Perspective will be the first to hear about where I am and what I’m up to this week … we just have to wait for the embargo to lift!

Ciao ciao, Oli


Oliver Munnik is a former professional mountain biker. Pinner by trade, he travels the world testing the latest and greatest cycling products as Bicycling’s Gear Editor.

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