Durban Dash DOWN

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Date: 27 April 2017 - 29 April 2017
Time: 05:00
Event Cost: R1700.00
Location: From Thaba Trails, Johannesburg to Durban
Distance: 620km


The Durban Dash DOWN takes place in April each year. The route is between Johannesburg and Durban. Riders will have 60 hours to complete the route and checkpoint cut offs will apply.

The distance is approximately 620 Kilometers in length and is an unsupported adventure cycle race. The rider may select any route on or off road to cover the distance via the compulsory checkpoints. The checkpoints may change from year to year.Riders must comply and agree to the race rules, no outside assistance is permitted and resupply can only be by commercial means. This in basic terms means that you cannot uses any assistance or resupply that is not available to all riders.

This ensures a level playing field.Riders are self-sufficient and are responsible for their own food and accommodation requirements. The race office and Joint Operations Centre is mobile during the whole race. All riders have to ensure that they have the technology and means to charge their phones at all times. The riders are tracked using Mapmytracks smart phone App which the riders must download and register to use.No outside assistance, means you must only use commercially available support that is available to all riders, not your mates or family dropping supplies for you.The N1, N2, N3 and N4 National roads are out of bounds apart from cross over sections pre-approved by the race director.Riders will notify the race office prior to starting the race of their intended route. This is for safety reasons. All routes will be kept confidential.In the event of a rider leaving the race he or she must immediately notify the race office.Riders must have their trackers turned on at all times and have the means to recharge their phones. Failure to track will result in elimination from the race.The rider is responsible for getting to the start of the race and for transporting any luggage or bike bags from the start to the finish.Riders are supplied with a suggested route to ride in the form of GPX tracks.

Race Checkpoints are:

Heilbron at the Kentucky Fried Chicken Cut off 13h00 27th
The Border Post restaurant, Oliviershoek Pass 13h00 28th
Old Halliwell Country Inn, Currys Post 10h00 29th


Organised by

Organised by: Massive Adventures
Phone: Andy Masters 0832552425

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