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Date: 28 May 2017
Time: 07:00
Event Cost: 22km - R299, 54Km - R399, kids - R85
Location: Marks Park, Emmarentia
Distance: 54km, 22km, 1km


The Hollard JOZI URBAN MTB ADVENTURE has two separate routes in 2017; a 54km & 22km urban ride through the heart of the biggest urban forest in the World, our city Johannesburg! Partnering with City Parks and Johannesburg Zoo we have created a route that will take you on an adventure and give you the chance to pocket your share of R180 000 in cash!!! With a custom-built course to the value of R1.5 million featuring storm water drains, underground tunnels, and floating bridges there will be something for everyone!

54 Km: Please note “The Hollard JUMA 54km race is not for beginner riders, riders entering the 54km race must be sure of their riding skills and fitness levels on a bike”. Please remember to bring a bike light and or headlamp…700m Anatomic tunnel will be lit up but additional lighting will be necessary.

22 Km: A route designed for the newbi, less skilled or less fit riders. The 22km provides riders with mostly jeep track and some single track sections, over three exciting (but very safe) scaffolding ramp guaranteed to add the excitement expected from Hollard JUMA. The halfway point with a water hole peaks at 10 Km with a view of the whole Melville koppie ridge where riders will be able to see the 54km riders coming through the famous Melville koppies. The route has also been designed to include sections through reed and marshlands.

Organised by

Email: info@jumpertrax.com
Phone: 0861 926 226
Web: http://www.juma.co.za/

24 Ratings on “Hollard JOZI URBAN MTB ADVENTURE”

  1. Ryan Butowsky October 13, 2014 at 8:55 am #
    Ryan Butowsky's rating:

    New to the sport I found this was the best experiance I have had on a MTB so far!! I look forward to the next one .
    Well done !!

  2. Marcel de Lange October 13, 2014 at 9:21 am #
    Marcel de Lange's rating:

    I did the 52km race! What a disaster!! I must have been concussed for a few seconds after I hit a concrete slab and wall! There was another 5 people lying next to me, all badly injured! Specially the one ladies knee was cut open badly! I got back onto my bike and as far as I rode I saw people falling! At the half way stage I realized that my shoulder and elbow was so badly injured that I couldn’t continue! I asked for a medic and waited for an hour and no one came to assist me! Later on I went to the Union Hospital and found more people at casualties that was seriously injured! I think the route was very badly marked and a lot of people didn’t know which way to go! The marshalls wasn’t briefed properly because they also didn’t know the route! Maybe you thought you had enough medics, but I think they couldn’t assist the amount of people that got hurt! I have been cycling for many, many years and I think this was the worst race ever!!

  3. Jeremy October 13, 2014 at 9:52 am #
    Jeremy's rating:

    The route was awesome , but the bottlenecks at every water crossing , bridge , technical section & downhill were extremely frustrating !
    I will think twice about entering again

  4. Ray October 13, 2014 at 11:53 am #
    Ray's rating:

    Good race. Nice and long and challenging (the 53km). Hopefully next year will be better as some glaring errors this year- 1) too many bottlenecks, find a way to make entrances bigger or start times more spread out. 2) only one real water point for a long race, silly. need 2 or 3. 3) no welcome cool drink at the race end. 4) better lighting in tunnels (or tell riders to bring their own) as riding in the dark is one thing but if someone in front falls then you will hit them. rubber feeting on the scaffolds- to ride up if wet and for shoe traction for cleat shoes. You’d think the organisers would have known these points?

  5. Aleisha October 13, 2014 at 12:50 pm #
    Aleisha's rating:

    Poorly organised and such a disappointment for so much hype created over the event. I was incredibly excited for the event, but with the queues for tunnels, ramps, technical routes, and pathways through gutters, it created so much commotion. I ended up injuring myself because one of the ramps had a dubious connector to the concrete path notwithstanding me having exercised as much caution as I could have possibly done in those circumstances, following all instructions of the marshals. The gutters were slippery, dangerous, not well prepared. The mechanical pathways created to rejoin from the tunnels to the surface were SHOCKING with the staircases, expecting people to carry their bicycles, creating more queues, and the danger of injuring others in the process. The long waits in heated conditions required more water and drinking points to be established, as it was, your “Red Bull” counter was depleted by the time our group reached its location, and there was only ONE WATER POINT! Overall, highly disappointed with the race, what was supposed to have been an exhilarating race, ended up being a write off. If this race intends to be a success next year, MANY CHANGES will need to be made before it will be a “challenge”.

  6. Alastair October 13, 2014 at 2:01 pm #
    Alastair's rating:

    I agree with Ray – there needs to be some way of spreading out the field to avoid the bottlenecks – particularly the one into Parkview golf course. I too would have liked to have seen another water point along the way and I also missed that cool drink at the end. The scaffolds over the major roads were treacherous to walk down (maybe consider some rubber down the sides for the pedestrians) and given the foot traffic it made riding down these scaffolds a lot more dangerous as the walkers made it a much narrower ramp. Having said all this, it was an amazing race and it is clear that the organisers went to a considerable amount of time and effort to make sure the whole route was ride-able. Well done and I look forward to next years event with all the teething problems resolved.

  7. Liesl de Swardt October 13, 2014 at 3:58 pm #
    Liesl de Swardt's rating:

    Great idea, but the organization was terrible. Next year allow less entrants, use proper seeding and have greater time gaps between the start groups. That should sort out the bottlenecks. The obstacles themselves were awesome and I loved racing in the storm-drains. It took us past beautiful parts of Jozi. But I’ll be hesitant to enter next year till we have more info on the organization and number of riders ect. I agree that they can’t hide behind the excuse of it being their first event.

  8. Carolyn October 14, 2014 at 8:26 am #
    Carolyn's rating:

    Good challenging race, even for a beginner

  9. Marj October 14, 2014 at 9:46 am #
    Marj's rating:

    Agree with Ray. Although, as it turned out I did not end up riding, all comments tie in exactly with what Ray advised.
    I do want to point out however, that it appears to have been a very dangerous race. Milpark casualty was flooded with injured cyclists – so much so that I believe they eventually turned people away. They also mentioned that they were not aware of the race happening and would have appreciated a heads-up – maybe something to keep in mind for future.

  10. rod October 14, 2014 at 2:36 pm #
    rod's rating:

    great race

  11. norman October 14, 2014 at 4:27 pm #
    norman's rating:

    for R350, no goodie bag and I agree with Ray!!!

  12. Beverley October 15, 2014 at 7:27 am #
    Beverley's rating:

    Please remove all the boards and scaffolding in Morningside

    Your scaffolding is causing huge issues with traffic on corner Rivonia and school road

    There is no ways we can get outbox school road without driving onto on coming traffic !!!!

  13. RichM October 15, 2014 at 12:00 pm #
    RichM's rating:

    The Juma was promoted as an adventure (not necessarily a race) which does, I guess, infer that one should be less competitive. That’s all good, but seriously, the issues mentioned (bottlenecks, too few water points, no tunnel lighting, poorly constructed, slippery scaffolding, pathways and entrance/exit ramps) left me feeling like this was primarily a money making initiative…

  14. Sean van der Westhuizen October 16, 2014 at 2:38 pm #
    Sean van der Westhuizen's rating:

    I enjoyed the adventure – gave us access to parts of JHB you’d normally not have access to.
    Bottlenecks were a bit of a pain, but I think enough people have mentioned it now & next year it’ll be better.
    More water points would be good (I normally have enough hydration with me to not make use of the water point) as this gives people a “reason” to rest :-) [and opens the field up a bit :-)]

    All-in-All a GREAT event and can only get better with time :-)

    Will be back next year (and hopefully have a better seeding which will help :-)

  15. Derick Coetzee October 16, 2014 at 4:00 pm #
    Derick Coetzee's rating:

    Well done to the organizers for coming up with something fresh & new! Nothing on the route was any different from what the organizers were promoting about the ride. The ride was in the gutters of Joburg after all, and the conditions were a 100 times better than what I expected it to be. The whole route was ride-able with some challenging sections but most definitely not impossible. Any person with basic riding skills can do this, and this is where the problem lies. A large percentage of the field should not have entered the ride as they have not mastered even the basic skills of MTB’ing. These clowns made it very dangerous for the rest and obviously they are the ones that are whining now. Maybe the organizers should introduce a qualification process to determine if a person can actually ride a bike! Keep up the good work and we are looking forward to next years ride.
    Please do not add lights in the tunnel, rather get rid of the people who can’t ride!

  16. Linda October 16, 2014 at 4:11 pm #
    Linda's rating:

    I agree with most of the comments I’ve read. I would love to do it again because to be able to take back our city and ride all these places I have never seen before was a real treat, but wow, that scaffolding down to the storm drains was scary. I walked them but started slipping down the one which was pretty scary. I saw a girl go over her handlebars going down the same one.
    My boyfriend rode over a broken mirror in the path about 6 or 7km into the 53km race and it sliced his tyre beyond rescue, so maybe clear the path a bit better.
    Obviously whatever can be done to sort out those bottlenecks, those were insane.
    Otherwise I love the idea of the race. And most people were in good spririts joking about doing a warrior race instead of an mtb race. A bit harsh to make little kids and us not so strong women carry our bikes up seriously steep stairs, but I have no other useful suggestions in that regard.

    I had emailed the organizers beforehand to ask if there was a chicken run to avoid the floating bridge and they assured me there was… I didn’t see it. I hate floating bridges. Yes maybe I must man up, but don’t lie to us!!!

    But I’ll probably give them another chance next year. And ps I LOVE my bell!!! Way more useful than a medal.

  17. Aslam Mahomed October 16, 2014 at 7:11 pm #
    Aslam Mahomed's rating:

    I agree with the comments. The idea of the event was fantastic, however the execution was terrible. The ramps were slippery, way too steep for most riders and constantly bottlenecked. The tunnel was very poorly lit, no way that was a mining lighting system as promised. I nearly knocked a guy as he had to stop in the tunnel on a ramp he did not know was there. The storm drains were not cleaned and were also slippery, many of the riders had to walk where levels changed as ramps were non-existent. Worst of all, they give us one water point on a 52 km ride in which the first 2 hours was spent walking in the blazing sun. Dont’t advertise something you not going to give. Poor security on the route and poor route demarcation. towards the end, no marshalls were present and to top it all off, we get a R10 bell that was sponsored by Hollard and no medal. I know the medal goes in the draw never to come out, but really. No decent food and beverage at the finish either. Not worth the R350 we had to pay.

  18. Tracy October 17, 2014 at 12:14 pm #
    Tracy's rating:

    A huge thank you to everyone who put time and effort into constructing something new, something challenging and something that is the beginning of what I hope will become a legend in it’s own right!

    I get the complaints and frustrations- they have been well captured.

    At the same time, I did the 55km and intend to hunt down a shirt- I feel like it’s worth buying and it will be worn with pride.
    I certainly pushed my own levels of courage to new levels.
    I bailed a few of the obstacles, failed a few and succeeded over more than I imagined!
    I had more adrenaline surges in one morning than I have experienced in a while. I saw the race as being made up of multiple one off challenges – each one requiring a different approach- and some requiring my cycling partner to get me through!
    There are so many wonderful events that are safer, cleaner, faster, smoother: in fact they are so well oiled that you really can hammer your way through a lovely morning with limited stress.
    This was totally different- I think the language alone- urban ‘assault’- was a warning that one should be prepared for some hectic stuff!
    This is Jo’burg. Crazy, full of traffic jams, imperfect, smelly, untidy, risky yet bloody beautiful too.
    I say, viva urban assault viva!
    I might need a year to recover but I will be back!

  19. Anton October 19, 2014 at 9:09 pm #
    Anton's rating:

    Agree with most. Not being a race but a challenge, the organisers should have anticipated the bottlenecks and long ques.
    I was totally dehydrated (even with 3 liters of water with me) and very or no medical stands (i injured myself pretty bad).
    The scaffolding was just plain dangerous trying to walk with cleats. Rubber cover definitely for next year.
    The idea itself brilliant and if the event is better prepared than count me in.

  20. ColinW October 20, 2014 at 2:26 pm #
    ColinW's rating:

    The hype of the race was awesome, so glad my son ( who was told a few days before that he is to young, and was looking forward to it) could not do it.

    As for the end, a “BELL” what must I do with “BELL” Was looking forward to MEDAL (like every other race) and the finish was nothing to speak of. It would have been better in my opinion, if we all received a medal and a drink afterwards.

    R350 for a great idea but bad organizing.

  21. RobinE October 23, 2014 at 12:11 pm #
    RobinE's rating:

    I’d been looking forward to this event for months but I have to say I’m incredibly disappointed. Why? First event I’ve ever abandoned. Not due to injury or fatigue but pure frustration. After 2 hours we’d gotten 14km with almost half of that time spent standing still. The last straw was being forced by a marshal to dismount and walk down the ramp from the golf course into the storm water drain – something I was simply not prepared to do in cleated cycling shoes! Being instructed to do something more dangerous for me personally than it would have been to simply ride slowly down the ramp was not on. At that point my friends and I gave up and made our way home.

    Reading comments by riders who started before 7am it seems the majority of the issues were caused by the addition of the 22km riders in that first 15km or so. At least that’s my assumption because they didn’t seem to experience such extreme bottlenecks. It was an amazing idea and I’m gutted I missed out but speaking for myself and the friends I was with we just weren’t having any fun.

  22. Ryno October 31, 2014 at 3:58 pm #
    Ryno's rating:

    Overall it was an exciting race (doing the 52km) and interesting to see such places in Joburg. It was an eye opener.
    However for an event with such great publicity and marketing, I would like to provide the following positive critisism:
    1) Paying so much for the race and not even receiving a medal or welcome drink at the end was disappointing.
    2) Waterpoints were definitely not enough – need at least 4 waterpoints on 52km route. The waterpoints did not even provide sufficient drinks or anything to eat like choccies, or bananas.
    3) Please provide rubber mats on the scaffolding
    4) More lights in the tunnels or tell riders to bring lights.
    5) At the end of the race there were no place to even buy soft drinks like coke. No hospitally tent for riders.
    6) Bottle necks during the race.

    I believe that if attention is given to the above, the race will become extremely popular as this was a great initiative.

  23. Jacques March 30, 2015 at 3:52 pm #
    Jacques's rating:

    Thanks for a great event !!!!
    I cant wait to do the next one. This is not a fun run, in fact I would like to see more challenging obstacles. All problems encountered makes it part of a experience.

  24. Mark Castel April 29, 2015 at 12:32 pm #
    Mark Castel's rating:

    As one of the organizers I would like to thank to all the riders for the above comments, we have learnt a lot and you can expect many changes to this years event. Limited entries, 2 separate routes, a more demanding 54km route and a easy 22km route for beginners and novices. More water points and less bottle necks. Saseeding , proper food and beverage facilities , medals and cool drink at the end of the race.

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