2 Key Strength Exercises to Prevent Cycling Injuries

Your #quadgoals might be wreaking havoc on your bod. These moves from cyclist and trainer Riki Bryan will keep you riding stronger for longer. – By Matthew Ankeny

Riki Bryan, founder of the Hard Boiled Holistics “functional movement studio” in New York City, has a surprising perspective on gyms: He doesn’t like them. “I’d rather be cycling or surfing or doing something fun outdoors,” he says. “But in NYC, it’s hard to do that on a daily basis. So, I thought, how do I keep my body ready for those times when I do those sports?”

The DJ, designer, and cyclist developed a unique fitness philosophy that borrows from tai chi, yoga, boxing, weight lifting, and bodyweight exercises. His workout system boosts strength, mobility, and flexibility—which has big benefits on the bike.

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