Ivan Venter Wins West Coast Express

Ivan Venter of Team LEADout broke away from the bunch and soloed to victory at the 78km West Coast Express cycle race on Sunday morning. He crossed the line in a time of 1:59:13 followed by Alpha BodyWorks’ Nicol Carstens (2:00:07) and Team Giant’s David Garrett (2:02:23) who finished in second and third respectively.


Photograph By Double ST

The new venue, Killarney Raceway, provided a thrilling finish after riders took in many of the Durbanville hills, including the infamous Tiekiedraai, Malanshoogte and the rolling topography of Contermanskloof road – a stark contrast to the race’s historic reputation as the fastest and flattest race on the calendar.


Photograph By Double ST

Leaving Killarney, the lead bunch of 20 split into two soon after the Tiekiedraai climb and was whittled down even further when Brandon Christians (Alpha BodyWorks) broke away through Durbanville. His  effort was eventually reeled in when the bunch caught him. Only four riders hit the gravel section of Malanshoogte first, including eventual winner Venter who used this section to make his decisive move. With a gap of just under 1min, he was able to savour his lap of Killarney and roll over the line unchallenged.

“I didn’t really come here today with a plan. I didn’t have a team so I just wanted to get some exercise and some racing in the legs. It was great to finish on Killarney – the organisers should do it more often! This is only my second race in South Africa this year as I’ve been racing in Europe for most of the year, so to win was pretty cool.”

Elite Men

  1. Ivan Venter 1:59:13
  2. Nicol Carstens 2:00:07
  3. David Garrett 2:02:23
  4. Stefan Lombard 2:04:19
  5. Reece Piper 2:08:03

Junior Men

  1. Rocco King
  2. Rainardt Marais 2:04:20
  3. Byron Munton 2:06:03
  4. Branwill Blaauw 2:08:00
  5. Abdul Sauls 2:16:15

Sub Vets

  1. Steven Hayes 2:03:09
  2. Robby Rodrigues 2:03:47
  3. Oscar Cloete 2:14:21
  4. Clement Awood 2:21:31
  5. Wayne Southgate 2:21:39


  1. John O’Connor 2:03:57
  2. Moolman Welgemoed 2:03:58
  3. Stephen Courtney 2:14:46


  1. Sean Viljoen
  2. John Bos
  3. Gerard Genis
  4. Reginald Piper

Racing Women

  1. Aluis Inglis 2:22:48

Open Women

  1. Tania Keyser 2:20:34
  2. Melinda Beetge 2:28:30
  3. Tania Raats 2:28:30
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