Cyclists Ride Qhubeka Bikes Off The Victoria Falls Bridge

For some people bungee jumping off Victoria Falls bridge is high on their bucket list? Two South African adventurers, Derrick Fourie and Gareth Pickering decided to take on the challenge with a twist, by bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls bridge on Qhubeka Buffalo bicycles.

Bungee jumping

“I have never seen someone bungee jump on a bicycle before but knew it could be done; however, these bicycles are a lot heavier than I expected. Safety is important to us so we made sure that the cyclists were properly secured on the bicycles and gave them a full briefing to ensure their jump was successful,” says Garth Fowler from Shearwater Bungee.


“In our effort to raise awareness for Qhubeka, the opportunity to do something crazy, like jump off a bridge with a bicycle somehow seemed like the right thing to do,” comments Gareth Pickering, founder of


Commenting on his bungee experience, Derrick Fourie, said “Qhubeka is all about changing lives with bicycles. Having not been an avid cyclist before joining this expedition, I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better since getting my Qhubeka Buffalo bicycle. Jumping off a bridge on my bicycle was one of the most thrilling and best experiences of my life.”


Both Derrick and Gareth are two of the four cyclists currently taking part in the Joburg2Kili Expedition for Qhubeka powered by Tarsus, whereby they are cycling from Johannesburg to Moshi in Tanzania before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. They are doing this expedition to raise funds for the Qhubeka charity, which provides bicycles to children to enable them to get to school thus improving their attendance and overall performance at school.

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