The Right Way To Fuel Your Ride

eat_rideDon’t Over-Eat on the Ride

Do you pack an energy bar and a bottle of energy drink when you head out for your evening training session? Do you do it simply because you think that’s what you’re supposed to be doing? If you do, you could be over-eating on a ride, and working against yourself losing weight. Here’s an idea of how much and what you should be snacking on during your ride. Follow these guidelines* during training to drop kilos, feel energised, and fuel your ride correctly.

*These may need to be tailored to your performance and body composition goals.

Click on the appropriate tab below, according to your ride’s duration:

Up to 90g carbohydrates per hour (make use of multiple transportable carbohydrate) OR add additional protein at lower amounts of carbohydrate. For longer events you may need to vary sweet and salty options, to help maintain appetite.

For example: 300-400ml sports drink (containing glucose and fructose) PLUS energy bar or peanut butter sandwich PLUS carbohydrate gel or lean biltong or handful of nuts – per hour.

Up to 60g carbohydrates per hour.

For example: 300-400ml sports drink PLUS 6 medium dates per hour.

Up to 30g carbohydrates per hour.

For example: A large banana and water.

Small amount of sports drink or mouth-rinsing with sports drink.

Drink only water according to thirst


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