Podcast Series | A Tale of Two Epics

Bicycling’s Jonathan Ancer was on the finish-line at the 2015 Cape Epic, catching up with the riders as they cross the line – from the front-end of the field to those battling to make cut-off. Click play below to hear the highs, the lows, the drama and what hurts the most…

Impressive on so many levels: A chat with Matthys, the first SA team overall vs Max, riding a steel single-speed fully-rigid bike.

The final stage of the 2015 Cape Epic: The first South African home Erik Kleinhans vs the final finisher across the line, Thabo. What was it like crossing that finish line?

Jonathan chats to a champagne-drenched Ariane Kleinhans who dominated the race with her partner Annika Langvad and then returned a few hours later to catch up with amputee Reuben van Niekerk who nearly missed cut-off twice. Two completely different goals but the same emotion – jubilation!

Here Jonathan talks to Kristian Hynek of Topeak Ergon who was just pipped to the line by the Investec-Songo-Specialize team and Danielle who came in at the tail end. Great insight into the two different races.

A chat with South African riders, Phil Buys and Maurice Ndlovo – – one is blitzing the course, the other is just making cut-off each day. How different is it racing for a podium compared to just aiming to finish? Listen now!

“Get your rear in gear here”. ‘Nuff said,

On the stage 5 finish line: From second placed Karl Platt to amputee Reuben van Niekerk – how do their races compare?

Who are the Cape Epic hyenas? Jonathan Ancer catches up with a couple who ride every inch of the route but don’t get a medal for their efforts.

It’s all about the Buys! Once again Jonathan Ancer is at the finish line, this time chatting to a delighted Phil Buys, the first SA winner of the 2015 Epic and an equally delighted Candice Marsh, who just made cut-off with minutes to spare. Have a listen to how the race from the front compares to the one taking place at the back, where riders are giving their all just to cross the line ahead of the cut-off gun…

“The %^&$ sand!” “I can’t feel my toes.” “I’m off to have another beer.”

Just some of the pearlers from today’s Cape Epic stage 3 podcast, where Jonathan Ancer interviews third placed Jeremiah Bishop and back of the pack, former rugby players Colin Charvis and Marius Hurter.

Jonathan Ancer talks to front-liner Darren Lill and back-marker Dennis Day. How do their races compare?

The first podcast in the series of a tale of two Epics.

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