9 Reasons You Need To Do The 99er

Now in its 19th year the 99er road race is not only the third largest cycling event held in the Western Cape, it’s an official premier seeding event for the Cape Town Cycle Tour. Here why you need to do it:

Photograph by Double ST

Photograph by Double ST

1. It’s the final road race before the Cape Town Cycle Tour (CTCT), meaning it’s your last opportunity to iron out any creaks and ensure your bike, its components as well as your legs are in good working order.

2. Sure there’s been a lot of complaints lately about exorbitant race entry fees but the 99er Cycle Tour donates part of the proceeds to a good cause (charities and disadvantaged communities).

3. A good result will improve your seeding for the CTCT.  Remember your result here will help your 2018 seeding, so think of the race more as an investment for a long-term goal – that elusive sub3 is coming!

4. Ideal for the whole family with two routes available, 102km and 64km, and entertainment at the finish venue. The two routes give you the option to race it hard or drop back and pace your wife, son or daughter on the shorter route.

5. It will help you brush up on your bunch riding skills. Nothing beats the real thing. Sure, spending hours training by yourself or on the indoor trainer will make you fitter and stronger but it all means nothing if you can’t bunch ride with hundreds of cyclist around you.

6. A genuine litmus test for how you’ll possibly fair at the “Argus”. From what we’ve experienced in past editions of the 99er, the course mimics the rolling hills, tough climbs and severe wind that often comprises the CTCT route. That said, a sub3 here doesn’t necessarily mean a sub3 come Argus time.

7. Fully stocked and comprehensive water points. Every year the water points get better and better with adequate food previsions, sweets, energy drinks and Coke available for all riders.

8. There’s a lucky draw (3 Giant bicycles worth R85 000) and prize money for the winner(s). Imagine walking home with a brand-new bike or even the overall win – you never know?

9. It’s never too late to sign up: late entries will be available at registration.

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