4 Tips To Smash The 947 Cycle Challenge

Doing the 947 Cycle Challenge for the first time? Here are some last minute tips to make every kilometre count! By Selene Yeager


Don’t Eat Too Much Before The Race

Stuffing yourself full of kilojoules prior to the ride will divert blood to your stomach, which weakens your legs and slows you down. Instead, eat a carbohydrate-rich breakfast two to three hours before the event. Then aim to eat and drink in small portions every hour thereafter.

Drink Often

Consume at least one bottle’s worth of energy drink per hour (more if it’s hot) to provide electrolytes and a few carbohydrates.

Stay At Your Own Pace

The biggest newbie mistake is letting yourself be seduced into speeding along with faster riders early in the day, only to crack 60km in. Fall in with riders who pedal your pace and avoid going into the red (feeling breathless) for the first half.

Move Around

Avoid aches and pains in your neck and back by changing your hand position often and standing out of the saddle to stretch periodically.


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