Meintjes And Stransky To Ride 947 Double Lap

South African cycling star, Louis Meintjes and former Springbok, Joel Stransky will be riding a double lap at this year’s Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge in support of the LumoHawks.


Meintjes became a household name in South Africa earlier this year when he placed in the top 10 in the Tour de France and the Olympic road race in Rio. He has been steadily building his career since September 2013, when he received the silver medal in the World Under 23 Road Race Championships.

When asked about what inspires him most to get on the bike day in day out he said, “The challenge. You aim for something and try to make that challenge work. It’s great to put in the effort then go to a race and see if you achieve the results.”

It would seem that both Stransky and Meintjes are up for the challenge as they will be cycling the 94.7km route twice on Sunday in support of the LumoHawk Foundation. This non-profit charity organisation supports the educational needs, and at times the sporting needs, of previously disadvantaged children.

For more information about LumoHawks, click here

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