13 Things You Need To Know About the 2016 CT Cycle Tour

Photo: Chris Hitchcock

Photo: Chris Hitchcock

The press briefing for the 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour was held on Wednesday morning, and everything is set for it to be a cracker of a day come 6 March 2016. Here are some key points you need to know:

Entry Process

1. Although successful this year, the entry process will be revisited for 2017. Full details will be announced after the 2016 debrief. Watch this space.

The Expo

2. You should know by now, the expo and registration has moved and will be at the Cape Town Stadium this year. It will be a first for both the Cycle Tour organisers, as well as the Stadium management, as they have never hosted an expo of this size at the Stadium before.

3. Participants must bring their RaceTec/Winning Time chips to gain once-off free entry to the Expo. Admission for supporters is R40.

4. The expo will be situated in the stadium’s basement. Bring comfortable shoes, as the layout of the stands is 1.5km long.

5. There is no parking in the actual stadium (as the basement parking is being used for the expo), so participants and supporters are encouraged to catch the MyCiTi buses or ride there. (There will be a bike park available)

6. The expo/registration opening hours are:

3 March 2016, 9:30am – 7pm
4 March 2016, 9am – 7pm
5 March 2016, 9am – 4pm

The Race

7. It is compulsory to wear your timing chip. All your emergency details are linked to your chip, so should you have an accident, the emergency staff will immediately have all your details.

8. Chappies (plan A) is a go. Plan B is Ou Kaapse Weg, should plan A not be possible.

9. Top technology is being utilised to monitor on-the-day medical treatments, withdrawals etc. So should you encounter any problems (medical or otherwise), you can rest assured, you will be well looked after.

10. 97% of the Cycle Tour’s waste is recycled. Riders are encouraged to stash your trash.

11. According to the route recce done by the organisers two weeks ago, there is officially 1,220m of climbing. Make sure you’re ready by listening to our podcast series on How To Climb Like A Boss.

The Finish

12. While the actual finish remains the same, the bike park has been moved to the old athletics track.

13. Parking at the finish will be even more limited than usual. Riders are encouraged to use public transport to get to the start (and back home), or to park in town and ride back to your car afterwards. There will also be a free MyCiTi service.

Head to bicycling.co.za for the weeks leading up to the race for tips on making this year’s Cycle Tour your best yet.

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