Route Tips And Inside Info

The ultimate route cheat sheet from two 947-route experts. – With Gary Beneke and Bruce Diesel

To perform well at a race you need to train hard, hone your skills and know the race route. By now, for the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge, you’re sorted on the first two (we hope), so we’re going to help with the last one by getting some inside info on the route from two 947 veterans.

– The first turnoff after 3km gets tough with the first real uphill. Don’t start to hard and burn out here.

Gary Beneke, cycling coach and owner of Gary Beneke Sports

– Use the bunches in the first half of the race. The second half of will have you doing a lot of the work yourself.

Bruce Diesel, Head Coach and Co-Founder of Cyclezone

– Another section to respect is the fast Jan Smuts Avenue downhill past the Zoo. High speeds can mean big accidents.


– Stay tucked inside the bunch on the M1. Going too hard on the M1 will leave you with nothing for the tough stuff to come.


– The critical part of the race comes with 25km to go. Here fatigue and urgency set in and the undulations are demanding.


– The final kilometre is hectic, so be careful – there’s no point in crashing after 94km. Cramps tend to set in now. Stay in or near the front of your group in the final 2km.



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