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Amarider 100Miler & 50Miler2
The Dunblane Winter Dash1
Sondela Bela Bela MTB Experience 20135
Husqvarna Classic Mid-Illovo MTB Challenge1
Nedbank sani2c3
Isuzu 3 Towers Stage Race & Challenge3
Jozi Night Rider MTB Series #41
RE:CM Amarider 100 Miler (& 50 Miler)3
Nedbank Tour de Tuli1
MTN National MTB Series – XCM #5 Wellington Gravel Travel3
36ONE MTB Challenge1
Tour de Ghaap 20141
Arabella Challenge Event #12
FedGroup Berg & Bush 2 Day1
Houw Hoek MTB Tour4
Wines2Whales Adventure1
Nedbank Intaba Ridge MTB Classic1
Single Speed South Africa Championships2
2 River MTB Challenge1
Aldam Triathlon1
York Adventure Challenge1
York Enduro Mountain Bike Rally1
Vula Vula Letaba Padfietswedren 20131
The Sunday Tribune Jeep Hill 2 Hill1
Magoebaskloof MTB Challenge1
Nissan Trailseeker #5 Down & Dirty4
Eqstra Spring Classic1
Fruitways / aQuellé Apple Blossom MTB Classic1
Deutsche Bank Mauritius 100km Cycle Tour 20131
Round Table 47 MTB1
Coronation Double Century 20131
Tip Trans Cederberg MTB Xperience1
Piket-Bo-berg MTB Challenge1
Illovo Eston MTB Challenge1
Cara Cara MTB Race1
Ingeli Forest MTB Ride1
3rd Skite Barn Mooketsi MTB Challenge1
Howick Highlander1
Swazi Trac 3 Reserves MTB Classic 20131
The Rocky Mountain Garden Route 3001
Dunblane ” March Hare” MTB Challenge 20131
Husqvarna Weenen Game Reserve MTB Classic2
Storms River Traverse1
Contego W2W (Wines 2 Whales) Adventure3
MTB Gravel Travel – XCM #6 Driven by Nissan1
Hospice Wits Smile Cyclethon Powered by Takeda1
Pretoria Boys High MTB Trail Race1
The Sunday Tribune Jeep Hill 2 Hill MTB1
Olympic Footwear 24 Hour MTB2
Momentum 94.7 Kiddies Ride1
2nd Mooketsi MTB Challenge2
RE:CM 200 Knysna2
PPC Cement Kremetart 175km 4 Stage race3
Cape Outback 4-day MTB stage expedition1
Kingfisher MTB Enduro0
Absa Cape Epic1
Sunday Shootout: Green Point bike race2
Husqvarna Classic Mid-Illovo MTB Challenge & Trail Run2
Soutpan MTB Challenge3
Pennypinchers Die Burger Lions Karoo to Coast MTB Challenge2
Maquassi Rante Fiets En Vleis Race MTB1
Kumba Iron Ore Classic 20131
Pick n Pay Weekend Argus Rotary Knysna Cycle Tour 20132
Attakwas MTB Extreme Challenge2
Das Auto #1 of 61
Absa Cape Epic1
Buffelspoort Triathlon 20131
Royal Drakensberg MTB Challenge1
Nedbank Swaziland’s Imvelo MTB Classic 20131
Daily Dispatch Spar Cycle Tour1
The Herald Cycle Tour MTB Race4
Gears 4 Ears MTB1
Nissan Trailseeker #4 Van Gaalen1
Big 5 plus 1 MTB Super Series (Event #6)1
Berg & Bush 3 day great trek2
Berg & Bush 2 Day2
Stihl Sharks Trail Adventure1
Toyota Rust de Winter Mountain Bike Challenge4
Lord of the Chain Rings 3 day Stage Race1
Msunduzi Road Challenge1
MTN National MTB Series – XCM #3 Tulbagh Driven by Nissan1
Darling Brew Extreme4
Grahamstown 2 Sea MTB (G2C)1
Nedbank Sani2c5
Old Mutual joBerg2C5
Husqvarna Mid-Illovo Classic MTB & Trail Run2
Tour de PPA League and Funride 20141
The Honda Mountain Trophy3
Pennypinchers Greyton MTB Classic1
Bell of Hope Cycle Challenge for Mental Wellness3
Trans Karoo1
Olympic Cycles / PresLes / Foord “Journey4Sight n Service” Cycle Tour 20141
Totalsports Challenge presented by Liberty Medical Scheme and REHIDRAT® SPORT1
Bizhub Xmas Fun Ride1
KIA Mover the Moon MTB Series #22
Moon Treadle Night series #41
Believe CHOC COW 6hr /121
36ONE Storms River Traverse3
The Pennypinchers Silverstar MTB Challenge1
Bay City Cycle Tour1
Fairview Attakwas MTB Extreme Challenge1
36ONE MTB Challenge1
ClemenGold Wildevy MTB1
Du Toit Tankwa Trek1
Herald VW Cycle Tour MTB Race1
Sappi Karkloof Classic1
Redstone MTB Series #61
Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour 201447
Subaru Classic5
MTN National MTB Series – XCM #1 Barberton5
Liqui-Fruit Vineyard Races4
Coronation Double Century6
Bicycling 24-Hour MTB Experience by Omni-Motion8
Checkers & Waterside Cycle Challenge Newcastle1
Die Burger Cycle Tour7
Krugersdorp Game Reserve MTB Challenge2
Cape Argus Pick n Pay MTB Challenge5
Sani2c RACE3
The Old Mutual joBerg2c (full 9 days)4
Emperors Palace Classic Road Race 20135
Old Mutual Joberg2c1
MTN National MTB Series #2 Driven by NISSAN, Sabie4
FedGroup Berg & Bush Descent6
Babba’s Lodge MTB Series 2013 (Event # 5)1
Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour 201343
USN MTB Cup 2014 #21
Intaba Ridge MTB Classic1
To Hell and Back2
The Pennypinchers Die Burger Lions Karoo to Coast Mountain Bike Challenge5
Nedbank Cycle Challenge1
STBB 2Keep-a-Breast MTB Challenge and Family Event4
Mangaung OFM Classic 20133
Tour de PPA1
The Herald Cycle Tour4
Northern Quickie MTB Challenge1
The Value Logistics Fast One Cycle Race4
Exxaro MTB Academy Middelburg Race2
2012 ProNutro Magalies Monster Mountain Bike Classic3
Sondela Bela Bela Challenge 20125
2 day The Houw Hoek MTB Tour1
Olympic Footwear MTB Winter Challenge 20123
Nissan Trailseeker #12
Wolseley MTB Challenge3
The Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek1
The PMCC MTB Missile Race 20121
Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour2
The ASG 24hr MTB Challenge4
Zero 2 Hero MTB Festival 20144
FNB Cape Town Freedom Ride2
Mall-2-Mast MTB Challenge1
Die Burger MTB Challenge1
Boxlee Golovane Xplore1
Century 21 Bela Bela MTB Challenge 20124
Uplands VALENCIA MTB Classic2
Vulintaba MTB Festival1
Die Burger MTB Challenge8
Trans Baviaans3
ATKV-Eiland Spa Bergfietswedren3
Durbanville High School League and Funride2
Beaulieu Prep MTB Cycle Classic1
Fruitways / Aquellè Apple Blossom MTB Classic2
Duesouth Night One1
Berg & Bush 3 day descent3
MTN OFM Mountain Bike Race3
Sani2c TRAIL9
The ASG Rhodes Extreme1
Wellington Gravel Travel1
Twizza Longhill MTB Challenge1
PPA Schapenberg MTB Funride1
Oude Molen Distillery MTB Challenge11
Idea Fruit/Mpact MTB1
93.9 Auto Alpina Springs Cycle Race1
Cherry MTB Challenge1
ALZU Tour de Farm MTB Race4
Beast of the East MTB1
Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge36
PPA One Tonner 20131
BESTmed Jock Cycle Classique7
MiWay Big 5 Series #3 – RIS Hluhluwe Rhino Charge1
Meerendal MTB6
Fair Cape Dairies MTB Challenge2
Druiwefees Fietsweden 20141
Forest to Falls1
USN MTB Cup Series 2013 (Event #3)3
The Mount Grace Magalies Adventure2
24 Hours Southern Skies MTB Team Relay (7km laps)3
The First Ascent Big Induna Mountain Bike Classic7
Summer Fast One MTB5
PPC Cement Kremetart2
Greyton MTB Classic1
Cape Agulhas MTB Classic1
Bicycling 24 Hour Mountain Bike Experience6
Pick n Pay Weekend Argus Rotary Knysna MTB2
Beaulieu Prep Cycle Challenge1
Babba’s Lodge MTB Series 2013 – Event #11
Cyclo Pro Longmore Classic1
Van Reenen “Over the Edge and Back” MTB Challenge1
Cherry MTB Challenge1
Vineyard Ride3
Engen Cycle Challenge Pretoria8
Aspen Trans Karoo Endurance MTB Event1
Mangaung OFM MTB Classic 20132
Toyota Rust de Winter MTB Challenge 20132
Ladismith Cheese 7 Weekspoort MTB Challenge3
2013 Kia Over the Moon MTB Series4
Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge 201329
Auto Alpina 93.9 MTB Challenge 20132
The Pennypinchers Origin Of Trails1
Beast of the East MTB Challenge6
Eselfontein MTB Festival1
Dome 2 Dome Cycling Race3
PPA Schapenberg MTB 20131
Liberty Life Family Fun Day1
2013 ProNutro Magalies Monster Mountain Bike Classic5
Rhino River Run Mountain Biking Series – Event #51
Compendium MTB Derby1
The Value Logistics Fast One Cycle Race3
Barberton XCM Mountain Bike Challenge3
Suikerbosrand Route 42 MTB Challenge 20132
Race of Grace Mountain Bike Race2
Dis-Chem Ride for Sight 20146
Wines2Whales Race3
Jeep Katberg MTB Classic2
Nissan Trailseeker #1 Curro Hazeldean8
USN MTB Cup 2014 #14
Sondela Bela Bela Cycle Challenge1
Dis-Chem Ride for Sight Super Classic2
Bouckaert-Soenen League and Funride5
E.H. Hassim MTB Lente Trap1
Pick n Pay Weekend Argus Rotary Knysna MTB1
The EAI Val de Vie MTB Challenge, presented by Bestmed2
Optimum Berge en Dale Classic (Presented by ASG)1
BestMed Lost City Mountain Bike Event (part of the Cycle 4 CANSA Weekend at Sun City)3
Engen Cycle Challenge Durban6
Daily Dispatch Spar Cycle Tour4
MTN National MTB Series – XCM #8 Driven by Nissan CRATER CRUISE6
aQuelle Tour Durban MTB6
Protea Cycle Challenge2
Nissan Trailseeker #4 Hakahana10
Babba’s Lodge MTB Series 2013 (Event #4)1
Simonsberg MTB Classic1
MTN OFM Cycle Classic2
Action Ford Berge en Dale Classic 20145
USN Mountain Bike Cup (Event #6)2
Le Coq Sportif Cycle Classic Mass Race1
Napier Patat Festival MTB Race1
MTN Ride Crater Cruise XCM and ½ XCM #81
BESTmed Jock Cycle Classique6
Sondela MTB Classic5
USN MTB Cup 2014 – Race #54
Carnival City Macsteel National Classic1
Staalwater MTB Challenge1
Vori-Berg MTB Series powered by Ghost Bikes #41
Langebaan Lagoon MTB Challenge1
Felt Hurlyvale MTB Challenge 20137
Winter Fast One MTB4
Lagoon Cycle Challenge2
Tiletoria West Coast Express League & Funride4
MTN Mabalingwe XCM #5 MTB Series9
Quattro St Mary’s Classic2
Momentum 94.7 Mountain Bike20
Sappi Howick MTB Classic1
Magoebaskloof MTB Classic1
Engen Dynamic Cycle Race 2012 – Durban3
Midvaal 100 Cycle Challenge 20131
Countrywide Medals Winter Challenge 20133
Edenvale Serengeti Classic MTB Race5
Emperors Palace Road2
aQuelle Tour Durban 20137
Engen Cycle Challenge Cape Town4
PPC Kremetart1
Cape Argus Pick n Pay Mountain Bike Challenge6
Winter Fast One MTB 20141
Parys Island Dirtmax MTB Series 2014 (Event #1)3
Konka Mountain Bike Race 20144
Optimum Berge en Dale Classic4
Tru-Cape MTB4
Die Burger PPA Cycle Tour11
Rand Water Race For Victory 20133
Groot Marico Rotary MTB Race1
Edenvale Serengeti Classic Road Race1
99er Cycle Tour5
Redstone MTB Series #21
Bestmed Campus2Campus SuperClassic, presented by ASG3
Knysna Pennypinchers/Coaches Corner Cycling XCO #31
Dis-Chem Ride for Sight2
Delta Trap 20131
Grootfontein Adventure MTB Experience1
99er Cycle Tour2
Engen Dynamic Cycle Challenge 2012 – Wellington2
MiWay Big 5 Series #5 – Kwambo Lion MTB Race1
Beaulieu Prep MTB Cycle Challenge And Fun Day2
Simonsberg MTB Classic3
Medallion Tour de Stellenbosch League and Funride4
SA Champs First Ascent Big Induna Mountain Bike Race1
Wilro Lions Cycle Challenge 20127
Amashova Durban Classic10
The New Fast One1
Serengeti Classic Road Race 20141
MTN National MTB Series #1 Dullstroom4
Buffet Olives MTB Classic1
Parys Island Dirtmax MTB Series (Event # 6)2
USN Mountain Bike Cup 2012 (Event #3)3
Compendium Derby1
Durbanville High School Funride MTB1
aQuelle Tour Durban Road Race9
The Pennypinchers Silverstar MTB Challenge2
Clover Tour 20131
Bestmed Lost City Mountain Bike Event 20134
Sondela Bela-Bela Road Cycling Challenge 20141
Silver Oaks Cycling Challenge9
Tiletoria West Coast Express League and Funride3
Nissan Trailseeker #3 Van Gaalen3
aQuelle Tour De Krantz 20132
Sungardens Carousel Classic7
Carnival City Macsteel National Classic Cycle Race7
Pedal of the Roses MTB Race 20131
Kranskop Challenge 20121
KIA Val De Vie MTB Challenge5
The FNB Magalies Monster MTB Classic2
Momentum 94.7 40km Ride4
Eqstra Spring Classic1
Greyton Classic MTB1
Powerade Lost City Road Event (part of the Cycle 4 CANSA Weekend at Sun City)1
Wilro Lions Cycle Challenge 20133
D2D Cycling Race (Dome 2 Dome)4
Medallion Tour de Stellenbosch6
Powerade Christmas Challenge1
Powerade Lost City Cycle Classic 20135
Xtrail MTB Series – Event #51
MTN Tulbach – XCM #2 driven by Nissan1
BestMed Jacaranda Satellite Classic28
Carnival City Macsteel National Classic Cycle Race3
Ride 24-hour Southern Skies MTB Relay & Solo 2013 (9th event)4
Go West Cycle Tour1
Cipla Cancer Buddies Walk and Cycle for Hope1
Eikestad Heritage Pedal1
Flamingo Casino Fun Day MTB2
Fountains MTB Challenge 20131
Goldfields Mogalies Train Chase (MTB)2
Renosterkop Challenge 20131
Momentum 94.7 Mountain Bike Challenge18
Northerns Quicky MTB1
Lenmed Health Randfontein MTB Race 20141
Springbok Plant Hire Human Rights Day Cycle Challenge1
Tour Durban1
Wilro Lions Cycle Challenge1
Babba’s Lodge MTB Series 2013 (Event # 8)1
USN MTB Cup Series 2013 (Event #4)1
Oudtshoorn MTB Marathon1
Rand Water Race for Victory Super National Classic1
Randfontein EPR Mountain Bike Challenge1
Springbok Plant Hire 2 Provinces Cycle Challenge1
Napier Patatfees MTB2
PSG Garden Route Trail 23 + 30 December2
USN MTB Cup Series (Event #1)5
Eight Bells Enduro MTB Race1
King and Queen of the Lebanon Trails Race1
Tankwa Trek1
KIA Krugersdorp Game Reserve MTB Challenge11
Bestmed Jacaranda Satellite Classic 2013 (presented by ASG)12
Schoemanskloof Sitrusfees Bergfietswedren2