4 Ways to Move a Christmas Tree by Bike

Getting a large, unwieldy Christmas tree into your house is one of those holiday tasks that requires a good sense of humour but before you can even wedge your festive new evergreen through the front door comes the real test: How do you get the darn thing home? – By Caitlin Giddings
christmasbikeIf you’re committed to hauling a tree by bike, it’s going to take a little extra planning and effort. Sure, it might be easier to just toss your new tree onto a car, but why not start a two-wheeled tradition that gives you another reason to ride? Here are four ways to transport a Christmas tree with a bicycle.
Go Long On a longtail bike such as an Xtracycle cargo bike, the tree should be strapped down and carried lengthwise on top of the deck or on one side. Keep in mind that the length of the tree will give it significant leverage over you.Bag It Don’t have a cargo bike? You have a couple options, provided you’re willing to downscale the size of your tree and grand ornamental vision—including, believe it or not, your trusty messenger bag. Civilians should shoot for a smaller tree bundled tight with netting, and strap it down parallel to the ground under the flap of a messenger bag. If you don’t have a big enough bag, try wrapping the branches of the tree tight to the trunk and attaching a wide sling strap of some kind to wear it over your shoulder like a rifle. Be sure to account for your extra width when maneuvering in traffic, and, dial back your pace until you get a feel for how the imbalance will affect your ride.Phone a friend Then again, if all this sounds like a lot of work you could always call takealot.com and get a fake tree delivered, or ask your mate to bring over his bakkie. That said, we reckon you shouldn’t cop out and rather try and lug the thing home on two wheels instead. But before you head out load up your bike with conifers: Make sure to get lots of photos of the whole process. After all, this could be the start of your favourite new December tradition.

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