Hill-Crusher Legs In 6 Easy Steps

Get drool-worthy legs, plus supercharge your riding with this great workout. By the Bicycling Team

Photograph by Robertson/Velodramatic

Photograph by Robertson/Velodramatic

Pendulum Lunges

Stand holding dumbbells down at your sides. Take a big step back with your left leg, bending your right knee so your right thigh is parallel to the floor (keeping your right knee behind your toes) and your left knee dips down. Press with your right foot and swing your left leg back up and in front of you into a forward lunge, so your left thigh is parallel to the floor and your right knee dips down. Continue for a full left-leg set, then switch legs.

Sex and strength appeal: This dynamic move gives you eye-popping quad definition and chiselled glutes, plus more power out of the saddle.

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