Supercharge Your Sprint

– By Chris Carmichael

Sprinting is one of the essences of cycling, for racers and recreational riders alike, but it’s often neglected in training programmes. Even Lance had to work on sprinting.

There are two primary components to a powerful sprint – acceleration and top-end speed. But don’t think of sprint training as useful only at the finish line. It’s also critical for bridging gaps, initiating breakaways and even attacking short climbs or accelerating out of turns.

It can also save your hide: in my 30 plus years on a bike, a reasonably quick sprint has saved me from being caught by dogs and hit by drivers ignoring red lights at least as many times as it helped me win races. Here are two simple workouts you can use to power up your sprint.

These workouts are easy to incorporate into regular endurance rides, and are fun to add to rides with a friend or two. Sneak them in just twice a week, and soon you’ll notice that when the hammer drops, you’re half a wheel faster – or more. And that can make all the difference.

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