10 Great On-The-Ride Snacks You Can Buy Now!

These packaged foods are designed to power your ride and recovery. 


Proper nutrition and hydration are critical components to better cycling, and choosing to fuel your ride with the right foods can help you stay energised as you log your kays. Here’s how to fuel your body right before or on the ride.


1. On-The-Go Granola 

Whether you have it at home pre-ride or on the road, on-the-go granola will power your ride and is ideal for cyclists who want to fuel with something more substantial than energy gels.

Buy now: Earthshine Granola Snack (R22)

Energy bar

2. Energy Bars

Most energy bars provide enough carbohydrates and a good dose of protein to keep your stomach from growling and many contain superfoods designed to stretch your endurance.

Buy nowRush Endurance Bar (R26)


3. Raisins or dried fruit

A mix of dried fruits serves as the perfect pre-ride rocket fuel. Research shows that the natural sugars in raisins are just as good at helping you keep up the pace as engineered products, and raisin mini-packs are also easy to carry when you’re cycling.

Buy nowBy Nature Organic Raisins (R28) and By Nature Dried Fruit Medley (R165)


4. Chocolate

While you probably shouldn’t smash an entire slab, study after study has shown that a block or two of chocolate (at least cocoa-rich dark chocolate) can boost athletic performance.

This bite-sized treat from Earthshine should be easy enough to take on the ride.

Buy nowEarthshine Original Dark Chocolate (R29)


5. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter provides a feeling of fullness much longer after you’ve eaten than if you’d munched on carbohydrates, and that feeling of fullness can help you up that monster hill.

Buy nowOh Mega Smooth Peanut Butter Power Snack (R7)


6. Honey Squeeze

With around 17 grams of carbohydrates per serving, raw honey will give you that energy boost you need.

Buy nowEat Naked Raw Honey (R28)


7. Dates

With less than 70 calories and 17 grams of carbohydrates per date, they offer a great burst of energy and make the perfect swap for a gel. The sugars in dates are also easily accessed, causing little to no digestive distress.

Wrap a few dates in small plastic bag and take them on your power ride.

Buy nowBy Nature Dates (R30)


8. Coffee

Caffeine before a ride can increase endurance and delay fatigue, helping you go longer and stronger. The deliciousness is an added bonus.

Buy nowMoonBean Superfood Coffee (R21)

sports drink 300

9. Sports Drinks

Lightly-sweetened energy drinks (that don’t come with all the hard-to-pronounce chemicals) help limit dehydration, provide much-needed electrolytes, and supply muscles with an extra source of energy.

Buy nowProbyo Sports Drink (R115 – makes 32 servings)

Coco water300

10. Coconut Water

Coconut water is the perfect way to hydrate and replenish lost electrolytes when you’ve been sweating it out.

Raw C only uses young green coconuts – these have fewer calories and more electrolytes than sports drinks.

Buy nowRaw C Coconut Water (R63)

The product images in this article is from www.faithful-to-nature.co.za

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