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October 8, 2014, No comments

Not sure how much riding to do the week before the Amashova? Follow our taper plan!

Keept the Pace size

Keep The Pace

October 2, 2014, No comments

Master the art of drafting with these wind-cheating secrets. By Jon Marcus If you spend most of your time pedalling solo, you may not fully appreciate ... Read More »


SKILLS: 4 BMX Moves To Pump Up Your Riding

September 3, 2014, No comments

Four BMX moves that will improve your pedalling on any road or trail. ... Read More »


VIDEO: Improve Your Skills With BMX

June 17, 2014, No comments

Five BMX skills that will improve your pedalling on the road and trail. ... Read More »

  • climbing
    Road Skills: Climbing
    February 21, 2014, No comments

    Show the masses doing the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour who's boss and climb like a pro! Follow these tips and you'll nail Smits, Chappies ... Read More »

  • crash_carl_Fourie
    How Not To Crash
    February 18, 2014, No comments

    Six common causes of crashes - and some tips on how to avoid them. And if you do happen to buy some tar, we offer a few tips on how to fall without do ... Read More »