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Bunch riding
November 12, 2015, No comments

The bunch is a living animal – moody and aggressive, sometimes intimidating, often nervous. Here are the essential do’s and don’ts for taming the 947 beast.


How Not To Crash

November 11, 2015, 2 Comments

Six common causes of crashes - and some tips on how to avoid them. And if you do happen to buy some tar, we offer a few tips on how to fall without do ... Read More »

Photo: Zoon Cronje

Master Singletrack Like A Pro

October 30, 2015, No comments

Pro cyclist Max Knox shares his tips for riding singletrack in a race situation. ... Read More »


CrossFit for Cyclists

October 29, 2015, No comments

CrossFit. The intense, gym-based program focuses on general fitness—endurance, stamina, strength, power, flexibility, speed, coordination, and accur ... Read More »

  • Image By Zoon Cronje.
    Get Crazy Fast!
    October 1, 2015, No comments

    Training should be hard; looking at a plan should not. Try these easy-to-follow, super-efficient pyramid intervals, and you’ll be crushing it this s ... Read More »

  • Hill-Climb-2011.02
    Conquer Any Climb
    April 15, 2015, No comments

    Some ascents are smooth and effortless; others make you feel as if you're towing a hippo. The key, always, is rhythm. Here's how to find yours on any ... Read More »