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May 3, 2016, No comments

Why periodised training is out – and training through constant monitoring, tinkering and planning is in.

cycling weight-loss plan

Ride It Off: Your 2-Week Weight-Loss Plan

March 18, 2016, Comments Off

Jump-start your weight loss by training your body to become a fat-burning machine with this two-week training plan. ... Read More »

Photograph by Andrew Smith | Flickr

Get Faster in 5 Days!

March 18, 2016, 1 Comment

Get fitter and faster in one (hard) week a month. ... Read More »


12 Weeks To Your Best Cycle Tour!

December 14, 2015, 11 Comments

Whatever your Cape Town Cycle Tour goal, we've got the right programme for you. Training kicks off today! ... Read More »