About Rate Your Race

Rate the races you do, tell us what was good and bad – and the event organisers will try and get it right next year!

After each of your races, simply visit Rate Your Race and rate it. All it takes is a few simple steps.

1. Click on Rate Your Race
2. Search for the race you wish to rate by either typing in the race name or searching for it using the various search fields.
3. Give the race a rating (%) by scrolling over the stars in the “Rate This Race” feature and selecting the required rating
4. Please give your comments in the comments field below, with suggestions for improvements to the race, or anything you particularly enjoyed / didn’t enjoy about the race. This provides great feedback for the event organisers who will try and do a better job next year!
5. If you cannot find a race you wish to rate, please can you email all the race details to Andre Valentine on andre.valentine@touchline.co.za

How it works

Once you submit your rating, we’ll work out the average score per race of all the ratings received, then rank the races from highest to lowest.

So remember to visit after each race and Rate your Race!


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