The Ultimate Hydration Solution

Make sure your body is sufficiently hydrated to maximise your performance on the bike

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Because exercise generally has a way of suppressing thirst, hydration for cyclists is very important! If you’re not properly hydrated, it can lead to mid- and post-ride complications. These include cramps, heat stroke and an overall decline in your performance on the bike.

Staying hydrated

While there are tips and tricks such as drinking enough water the night before a big ride, or drinking water an hour before you hit the saddle; there’s also a sure-fire way to get all the electolytes you need to maximise your ride…

Oral rehydration

Restore hydration solution is designed to boost energy, restore fluid balance and replace electrolytes during and after exercising. Restore hydration powder is lactose and Tartrazine free and has no metallic taste. Besides being easy to prepare, it is the perfect solution to keep you hydrated so you have less performance slumps on the bike.

Restore hydration solution has endless benefits:

• Reduces diarrhea duration by up to 22%
• Reduce stool volume up to 36%
• Replace electrolytes after exercising
• Restore fluid balance after overindulgence (hangover)
• Boost energy levels

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