5 Reasons You Should Ride For Charity

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Whether you’re chasing a personal best or just starting out, riding for a cause will bring out the best in you!

Image by Em Gatland
Image by Em Gatland


Cyclists get on the bike for many reasons ranging from health and weight-loss to social activity and charity.

Regardless of your personal motivations, here’s why you should ride for more than just the medal:

1. It will motivate you!

The pressure of meeting a target to satisfy both the charity and your sponsors can be daunting, but if you like a bit of good pressure (as most cyclists do), this will be the ideal push to help take your riding to the next level.

2. You will learn to commit to your training plan

Know how you hit the snooze button when you’d rather sleep in than go for your early morning ride? Well, fundraising while training for an event is a big commitment and for many cyclists it is where they learn to stick to their training plan.

3. You will raise awareness for a cause close to your heart

As a fundraiser, you also play a key role in raising awareness of the charity through the publicity and hype you generate on social media and over your post-ride beer chats. From the moment you sign up to the cause to when you cross the finish line, you are effectively acting as an ambassador for your charity.

4. It will make you happy

You will experience an enormous sense of satisfaction from the knowledge that you are helping others.

5. You will make a difference

By the end of the fundraising campaign, you would’ve created awareness, met people with a similar passion and raised money that will definitely make a difference to those in need.


An opportunity to get involved!

The ‘More Than Yourself’ campaign aims to uplift South Africa’s most vulnerable communities, and since its launch in 2011 has given many generous, community-minded South Africans the platform to raise over R1.5 million.

Bicycling has partnered with More Than Yourself, and we want you get involved as we set out to add another R1 million to the total amount raised!

Can’t ride a race? There’s more than one way to get involved:

1. Become a fundraiser by getting family and friends to support you in your next event.
2. Support a friend who is participating in an event.
3. Donate to a charity.


We dare you to make a difference and sign up to ride for More Than Yourself!


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