7 Places to Ride Before You Die

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Taken from The Cyclist’s Bucket List, these bike trips will thrill your imagination and holiday planning. – By Ian Dille

The Cyclist’s Bucket List

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Every experience on a bike is unique to every rider. But inarguably, some experiences remain more memorable than others. The smell of lavender at a roadside picnic, waiting for the Tour de France to arrive. The vertigo-inducing view of the Pacific Ocean from the 10,000-foot summit of Hawaii’s Haleakala volcanic crater (a 5-plus-hour climb). A crisp pale lager hitting your lips after a ride along the canals of Amsterdam, one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities. These are the sights, the smells and tastes, that every cyclist should experience before they die. These, and a wide range of other must-do rides, races, shops, and shrines, all rooted to a specific location or event, comprise the Cyclist’s Bucket List, A Celebration of 75 Quintessential Cycling Experiences. Here are seven unforgettable bike rides from the book.

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