Best Quotes From Absa Cape Epic Pro Conference

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Some hilarious, some very serious and some insightful quotes from the Pro Rider press conference held in Cape Town earlier today.


Karl Platt, Team Bulls1 – “We (Urs and I) never have problems. Urs had a great season last year. His confidence is good. We are looking forward to the competition.”

Asked whether he’s scared for this year’s race, Platt suggested there are a lot of other things that are scarier such as…

“Driving at 300km/h in a car and you don’t have the controls is scary – you shit yourself.”

Christoph Sauser, Investec-Songo-Specialized“I’m happy with my comeback. I’m surprised by my victories and super motivated. It’s the benefit of having a year of down time.”

On the World Cup XCO at Coetzenberg next year…

“I’m very excited and it will feel like a home World Cup. Half of Switzerland is already in Stellenbosch.  Everybody around the world is looking forward to coming here to SA.”

On his retirement…

“At the time I felt it was the right call but when Jaro (Kulhavy) asked me to do Epic this year it got me thinking as did my race at Wines2Whales with Sam Gaze. I quickly gained momentum and gained shape. I’m happy with the team support and the big challenge.”

On Jaroslav Kulhavy…

“He arrives the Monday before the Cape Epic. He trains hard and well. He asked me to do it with him. He’s just so strong when it comes to pure power.”

Simon Stiebjahn, Team Bulls2“We’re here to support Bulls Team 1 and that’s our main goal – to win the Cape Epic. If by any chance our first team has to pull out we will be on standby and will give it our all to win it.”

Erik Kleinhans, Topeak Ergon“I have no personal ambition to win. I’m here to support Topeak Ergon. We (Jeremiah and I ) will go in with full commitment to support them.”

On the Cape fires…

“This year it (the fires) hasn’t affected the route like last year’s prologue. It’s good to have have the full team here in Stellenbosch. We’ve done some areas that are part of the course and we know where the coffee shops are in Hermanus.”

Jeremiah Bishop, Topeak Ergon“The cohesion between all the racing teams is very important. It’s a tight battle and it’s fast out there. It’s going to be an interesting and dynamic race. We’ve strategised by making a Strava Club for Topeak to monitor each others performances.”

Alban Lakata, Topeak Ergon“Jaro and Susie (Sauser) will be super strong and the Bulls know how to win. They are smart and ride well. The Scott guys are very good technically and Nino has a lot of experience. He wants to win it. It will be a really tough and hard Epic this year.”

Kirstian Hynek, Topeak Ergon“I like the field. Susie and Jaro have added a new dynamic so it will be a good battle. We have to be stronger than ever before and we have learned from the mistakes of the past. We are putting everything into it. We will give our best.”

Esther Süss, Meerendal/CBC – “For me it’s difficult to find a partner every year. It’s not easy. I wasn’t going to do the race this year but Jenni (Stenerhag) asked me and I’m happy to compete with a strong team mate.”

Jenni Stenerhag, Meerendal/CBC – “I’m much better after my heart condition. I was born with it. I’m looking forward to racing with Esther – I’ve known her for 8 years. I’m so proud to have her as a partner. I never thought I’d ever be able to race with her.”

Robyn de Groot, Team Ascendis Health“It hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m riding with Sabine Spitz. I’m very excited. This year we are keeping it simple and sticking to a plan. All the lady teams are looking strong and I hope they all do well and compete. It’s going to be an exciting category to watch.”

Ariane Lüthi, Team Spur“I’ve seen Christoph Sauser start the support team and it’s added to the growth of the field. I believe us having a back up team will grow the field in the future. It gives other riders a chance to race the Cape Epic too.”

Vera Adrian, Dormakaba“I’m not a genuine roadie. I’ve always loved mountain biking. I love the tech aspect of it, the event, the routes and the people behind it. I’m keen to see what it’s all about.”

On her decision to race the Cape Epic this year…

“Candice asked me to do Sani2C and I didn’t expect to do well and we won it with a bit of luck on our side. We complement each other and Candice looks after me. We’ve done Berg and bush and Wines2Whales together too. It’s always good to ride with a friend.”