joBerg2c: Tough, Rewarding And Fun!

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Image by Em Gatland
Image by Em Gatland

The Old Mutual joBerg2c is a gruelling yet rewarding endurance stage race for mountain bikers who can fight obstacles by having fun!

Mountain biking is all about freedom: experiencing nature, riding trails with people who share a similar passion is probably what it is all about.

There are mountain bike riders who are fit for life, ride for pleasure and are a joy to the world of mountain biking. They share trails, they greet people at water points no matter how fast they are going, they appreciate the effort of the community who host race villages and they give back their energy. These are the people who ride joBerg2c – these are the people who should ride joBerg2c!

Whether they are upfront racing or at the back just riding, they have all trained to enjoy themselves in their own way and they all realise there is a bigger picture. They definitely don’t ride for the badge, they ride for the experience. They are forgiven for the odd moan when they are really tired but in general they never moan.

In every event there is always some world class rider who may be overweight but who handles a bike even better than the pros – this makes us all humble as we get our own thrills in our own way.

Some riders like sand roads, some like trails, some like to jump and fly downhill. Mountain biking is about expressing yourself with your own personal limits and going beyond occasionally. A true mountain biker does not rely on others to please them – they find pleasure in their own ride in their own way.

The Old Mutual joBerg2c is a tough, rewarding endurance stage ride for those mountain bikers who have character before they ride. Getting to the finish will enhance their reputation a little but how they enjoy the experience will show their true character.

That is why going forward the mission of the Old Mutual joBerg2c will be to focus even more on the ride.

We will always have a race too, but we know that our event is aimed at those who love riding with their mates, those who love making mates and those who appreciate every kilometre on the bike.

The joBerg2c will focus on making the event more inclusive and hopefully if the riders have done the riding prep, more fun. (The ride will be hell if you are not prepared!).

When considering joBerg2c or any stage race ask yourself if it has good value in line with your values. Don’t follow like a sheep, choose your own path, carve your own trail, knowing that the end goal is just about having a great time on your bike experiencing more of this wondrous planet.

Are you riding the joberg2c? We dare you to make a difference and sign up to ride for More Than Yourself!


This article was originally published by the Old Mutual joBerg2c.