Ride Your Best Race For More Than Yourself

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Whether you ride for fun and fitness or to chase your personal best, you can make your next race count for More Than Yourself by joining Bicycling and Old Mutual in raising money for those in need!

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Image Supplied

The ‘More than Yourself’ campaign aims to uplift South Africa’s most vulnerable communities, and since its launch in 2011 has given many generous, community-minded South Africans the platform to raise over R1.5 million, and make a difference to causes close to their hearts ¬ you can too!

This year, Bicycling has partnered with More Than Yourself to up the stakes and raise another R1 million and we want you to get involved in making a difference with us!

Get involved! Here’s how:

1. Become a fundraiser by getting family and friends to support you in your next event.
2. Support a friend who is participating in an event.
3. Donate to a charity that supports children, animals, the aged or education initiatives.

Don’t waste time – join in now!

> Visit morethanyourself.co.za and sign up.
> Pick an event and briefly share your story.
> Choose from 16 different charities, and start fundraising today!

We dare you to make a difference and sign up to ride for More Than Yourself!