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Take your adventure to another level with the Trek Top Fuel – wickedly fast, and more than just a XC endurance and marathon bike. Every detail is designed for the rigors of cross-country and marathon racing and is backed by the Trek lifetime warranty.

Top Fuel is light, fast and stiff—so go out and race it. Your secret weapon will be how well it handles in all conditions especially rough terrain with advanced XC suspension technology.

Explore the advanced XC suspension technologies that make Top Fuel, the fast, versatile choice for the cross-country racer, marathon rider and the entire Trek Factory Racing World Cup team.

What does Formula 1 and MTB have in common?

From the racetrack to the trails, both sports put extreme demands on suspension systems, requiring the utmost stability and control in straights and corners, coupled with the capability to instantaneously respond to sudden bumps. For years, the ultimate challenge for MTB suspension engineers has been designing a shock that is firm and supportive while pedalling and in the corners, but capable of being plush and yielding to handle sudden impacts without knocking you off your line.

RE:Aktiv XC, exclusive to Trek, is firm under pedalling efforts, but provides a smooth, instantaneous transition to plush control, giving you the confidence to ride your bike as it should be ridden. The key point is that RE:Aktiv XC gives you the best of both worlds all the time. It is not two settings, but an integral part of the rear shock’s design that ensures you’re ready for any obstacle the trail throws your way.

Developed in collaboration with the experts at Penske Racing Shocks, the global leader in custom design for auto racing suspension, and FOX, RE:aktiv is the result of the best minds in suspension design, seeking out the most refined damping technology that mountain biking has ever seen. No more adjustments on the trail, no more choice between efficiency or control — pure confidence and enjoyment no matter what the trail brings you. Nothing says bliss like a shock that does exactly what it needs to! Find out more on RE:Aktiv XC shock technology featured on the full range of Trek Full Suspension rides.

Brake later and stay in control

One of the greatest bicycle innovations of all time, rear suspension is intended to keep you grounded and in control. For years, various suspension designs failed to deliver the benefits of this technology when a rider would hit the brakes. Essentially, braking would lock the suspension. That was until Trek unveiled Active Braking Pivot (ABP)—a patented system developed to keep the rear suspension working while braking. No more chatter, less unintentional skidding—complete confidence on or off the brake to give yourself the competitive advantage.

By changing the placement of the rear suspension pivot, Trek’s engineers created a system that prevents lock-up. Shock-absorption continues during braking, eliminating the dilemma of whether to trust your brakes or your suspension to get you through the rough stuff. With ABP, the two work together. This maintains traction because your rear tyre stays firmly planted on the ground when suspension is engaged. More tyre contact translates into increased stopping power, which means you don’t have to spend as much time on the brakes.

While ABP was developed to improve the ride experience of mountain bikers at all ability levels, its performance benefits provide a serious advantage in competition. Because it increases traction and accordingly improves braking efficiency, the rider with ABP is able to brake much later than their competitors. Less time on the brakes translates into faster average speeds, which translates into better race times.

Adjustable geometry to fine tune your ride

Trek designs rides for every style of riding and part of that is getting the geometry right, but the brand also understands that riders have different preferences and different trails call for different set ups. This is why you can make small geometry adjustments with Mino Link to suit your riding style or terrain.

Boost 148

Leaders at Boost hub technology since 2014, all Top Fuel models feature wider 148mm rear and 110mm front hub spacing on 29ers creating stronger, less flexy wheels and allowing for wider tyres, shorter chainstays, and more chainring options. Advanced frame geometry and a custom offset fork give you precise handling at low speed without compromising high-speed stability.

Something for everyone

The 2018 Top Fuel range is reinvigorated with new technology including an Eagle drive train on top end models, and the new Rapid drive hub technology which instantly transfers cycling effort into forward momentum after freewheeling. The range has been expanded to include an affordable mid-range options and 2 colourway options on the popular Top Fuel 9.8 including Viper Red and the sleek Anthracite. The range starts at R39,999 in both aluminum and carbon models.

Test-ride a Top Fuel today!

Explore the full Top Fuel range and so much more at any Trek retailer across South Africa and request a test-ride. Alternatively, visit Trek online at https://www.trekbikes.com/za/en_ZA .

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