Go Further and Faster With the Trek Powerfly!

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The new Powerfly e-MTB allows cyclists to expand their boundaries, and is perfect for those who want to climb a bit longer, adventure a bit further, or keep up with the racing snakes on the single track.

If you’re looking to experience more, to go faster and further, a Powerfly is for you!

With over 40 years dedicated to manufacturing bicycles, Trek uses only the most experienced designers for the development of the Powerfly range ensuring a product with that same Trek reliability, quality and performance that cyclists around the world have come to know and trust. Trek builds products to last a lifetime, and offers a lifetime warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship.

Changing the game for all mountain bikers

The beauty of the all new Trek Powerfly electric MTB range amplifes your pedalling power allowing you to go further, go faster, and go more places on your Powerfly!  It features pedal-assistance, which determines the level of assistance and power output. Riding a bike with pedal-assist is incredibly intuitive, so anyone who can ride a bike, will immediately feel comfortable on one.

Mid-drive motors keep the weight distribution lower, and along with the positioning of the removable battery on the downtube, you’re in for a more stable, smoother ride. At Trek, we only partner with other experts in the industry. We don’t skimp by using off-brand motors, which is why we’ve opted for Bosch, being the trusted name when it comes to small motors.

The Powerfly features a Bosch Performance CX pedal-assist motor that makes for a supremely capable electric bike, allowing you to go further and have more fun. The compact Bosch Purion display is durable and easy to use without letting go of the handle bar. Choose from four assist modes, including eco; tour, sport and turbo so you can get a balance between power output and range, or select the intelligent e-MTB mode which automatically adjusts the amount of assist required to match the changing terrain.

Make more possible with Powerfly this summer. The Powerfly range is competitively priced starting with the Powerfly 5 Hardtail  at R55,999; the Powerfly 5 Full Suspension at R67,999, the Powerfly Full Suspension 7 at R76,999 and the Powerfly Full Suspension 9 at R85,999, available in store now.

Test-ride a Powerfly today at a Trek e-bike retailer.

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