Carry It All With Ciovita’s Cargo Commuter Shorts

Tired of bulging back pockets? Ciovita's Cargo Commuter bibs let you carry plenty of stuff, you might not even need that cycling shirt.

By The Bicycling Editors |

Summer’s on the way, and Ciovita’s Cargo Commuter shorts are primed to help you explore further on those long, sunny days. A tweak of the firm’s famed Italian-Lycra Corsa bibs, the Cargo Commuter was designed for urban commuters and bike packers, the most likely candidates for cycling kit with extra storage space, but we found ourselves using them on almost every other kind of ride, too.

That was partly because the Corsa range is our favourite fit (this really is such a personal thing, you do need to try different options to find what works for you!), and we LOVE the Radon three-layer padding. The marketing speak uses words like ‘four-way-stretch’ and ‘breathable Vita-Foam’, all we know is it offers as good a level of medium-distance comfort as we have found to date. It won’t be long, we are sure, before the Cargo concept transfers to Ciovita’s Apex-level bibs, for those ridiculously long rides.

The Cargo bit relates to the two side and two back mesh pockets, which offer extra storage space for stowing items you may need on your ride. Perfect for phone storage (always-visible in the thigh pocket, or sneaky under your shirt, so it can’t be snatched at traffic lights and similar) or keeping energy top ups at hand.

When we were too lazy to repack the saddle bag on the road bike after a puncture, we used the pack pockets – they sit just below your ribcage and under your outer layers – to carry tube-bombs-adaptor-lever – which freed up the jersey pockets for things we would need to reach on a more regular basis.

The side pockets are ideal to stash a snack, and did a great job of reminding us to eat, begging to be munched out of the corner of your eye on every pedal stroke.

Is the cargo concept – a number of manufacturers have different versions of them – just a fad, or is it here to stay? The latter, we reckon. It allows you to ride in a looser-fit non-pocketed shirt if you don’t want the full roadie look, or stash enough stuff to avoid bagging up on the bike for some decent adventuring.


  • Ergonomic multi-panel design
  • Two mesh pockets on the outer thighs
  • Two mesh pockets on the back
  • Advanced moisture wicking
  • Three-layer Comfort System chamois
  • Compression cuffs
  • Reflective binding on side pocket for added safety
  • Sublimated back mesh


R1 999

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