How To Glue A Tubular

How To Glue A Tubular

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TubularBefore you begin, remove any ­caked-on glue from an old wheel (try chipping it off with a cone wrench) or any traces of grease from a new one (clean it with acetone, while wearing rubber gloves, then sand it lightly with emery cloth, and clean it again with acetone).

Next, apply a thin layer of tubular-tyre glue on the tyre’s base tape. Use a toothbrush to spread it evenly (A).

Go around the rim and dab glue between each pair of spoke holes (B), using the toothbrush to spread it evenly from rim edge to rim edge.

Let the glue dry for one hour, then apply a second, thin coat. After 30 minutes, stand the wheel in front of you with the valve hole at 12 o’clock.

Holding the tyre with your hands at 10 and 2, put the valve into the hole and forcefully push down with both hands (C), using even pressure as you work in opposite directions around the wheel, stretching and manipulating the tyre into place.

When you reach the bottom, lift the wheel to pop on the last section (D).

Inflate the tyre to about 80 psi, then spin it and watch for wobbles. Push and work the tyre until it’s seated perfectly on the rim, then inflate it fully to the manufacturer’s recommended psi. Wait 12 hours before ­riding. – J.L.

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