Bicycling’s 2020 Ultimate Gift Guide: Campagnolo Corkscrew

The Campagnolo corkscrew is the ulitmate gift for the discerning cyclist who really does already have everything.

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Struggling to find a truly festive gift for the cyclist who has everything? Look no further than the sexiest component manufacturer in the world: Campagnolo.

This quintessentially Italian firm has always made so much more than the parallelogram derailleur concept (we still use them today) and cammed quick-release levers (we still use them today, too!) its founder Tullio Campagnolo invented. Industry-first cast magnesium wheels for Ferrari and Ducati remain collector’s favourites, and if your bike mechanic hasn’t used the flat 15mm crank-bolt spanner for peanut butter and/or jam late at night, he might need to explain his commitment and understanding of cycling lore*.

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The jewel in Tullio’s 135-career-patent crown has to be this corkscrew, which has a self-centering telescopic bell that he perfected in 1966. As with most things Campagnolo, it is hyper-functional, will last longer than its owner, and will be used religiously every time you remember how much you paid for it. It is even bolted together using 1970s Super Record chainring bolts; the final touch in the marrying of function, form and drop-dead beauty that has been a hallmark of Campagnolo since 1933. Cheers!

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*We have never actually known anyone who has done this, but legend is legend, and fact has no place in a great story.

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