DAVIDOFF Café – Worth Going Further

There’s no better way to round off your ride than with the rich, aromatic intensity of the DAVIDOFF range of coffee.


Riding bikes and drinking coffee are so intertwined, it’s not surprising cyclists are as fussy about their café as they are about their sock length. DAVIDOFF Café is a connoisseur’s coffee, created using high-quality roasted beans by the DAVIDOFF coffee masters, and presenting specific blends for every taste.

There are five DAVIDOFF blends on offer in South Africa, originating from a variety of Central American, South American and East African sources. They’re available as Nespresso-compatible pods (all variants), whole beans (Espresso 57 and Crema Elegant), instant (all except Crema Elegant) and roasted ground (Espresso 57, Rich Aroma and Fine Aroma). Choose from:

Espresso 57 (Dark Brown) – dark and chocolatey

Rich Aroma (Red) – vivid and spicy

Crema Intense (Pink) – smooth and rounded

Fine Aroma (Gold) – elegant and fragrant

Crema Elegant (Copper) – harmonious and aromatic

Take a moment out of your ride to enjoy the rich scent of DAVIDOFF’s freshly-roasted coffee. Taste the complexity of flavour, its sweet notes and subtle hints of chocolate. Enjoy every sip, and the lingering warmth as it awakens your senses – and gives you the intensity to get back on your bike, ready to conquer.

Find out more about this exceptional coffee experience at davidoffcoffee.co.za.

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