That’s a Wrap on the Toyota Tour de Virtuale Season 3!

Over 1,700 riders, 8 weekly winners, 1 grand prize winner.


1The Toyota Tour de Virtuale Season 3 has reached its thrilling conclusion, marking the end of an incredible eight-week journey that saw over 1,700 riders embark on virtual adventures led by influential figures in the cycling industry.

Week after week, riders from around South Africa eagerly joined community rides on Zwift guided by the expert advice of renowned cyclists such as Mike Finch, Nic White, Mariske Strauss, Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg, Sarah Hill, Hayley Preen, Elrika Harmzen, and Brad Gouveris. These seasoned riders generously shared their tips for navigating the virtual terrain of Zwift, empowering riders of all levels to push their limits and achieve new heights.

Amidst the excitement and camaraderie, each week saw lucky participants walk away with a share of R5,000 worth of prizes, adding to the experience.

And the winner is…

But of course, all eyes were on the grand prize, and it is with great anticipation and excitement that we announce Miguel Netto as the deserving winner! This lucky individual has secured an all-expenses-paid bespoke hospitality experience in a Toyota vehicle to witness the prestigious Giro d’Italia in 2024—a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that promises unforgettable memories.

Throughout the Toyota Tour de Virtuale Season 3, one thing remained abundantly clear: Toyota’s unwavering commitment to cycling enthusiasts of all stripes. By sponsoring this event, Toyota aimed not only to promote virtual cycling but also to cultivate a sense of community and camaraderie among riders, regardless of their experience level.

To all the riders who participated in this journey, your passion, dedication, and sportsmanship have made this tournament truly remarkable. And to the spot prize winners and grand prize recipient, congratulations on your well-deserved victories!

But the excitement doesn’t end here. Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures from Toyota and the Tour de Virtuale—because when it comes to pushing the boundaries of virtual cycling, the journey never truly ends.

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