All You Need To Know about Sunscreen

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Are you putting on enough sunscreen every time you hit the road? This and more on what you need to know about protecting your skin. – By Jessica Cassity


1. What does SPF stand for?

Sun Protection Factor: A rating determined by the percentage of ultraviolet B rays (the kind that lead to sunburn) that the product blocks, and the amount of time it fends off a burn.

2. Every 2 Hours

The rate at which you should reapply sunscreen. Do it more often if you are sweating a lot.

3. Broad Spectrum

Blocks both UVB and UVA rays (the latter­ cause skin ­cancer and premature ageing). Products that don’t block UVA, and ones with SPF below 15, must state they only prevent sunburn.

4. Higher SPF Ratings (50+)

The SPF rating above which researchers have found little evidence of better protection. In the future, it may be the highest number allowed to be printed on product labels.

5. Slather Guide

To Cover:
– Face, head and neck: Use one tablespoon
– Both arms: Two tablespoons
– Torso (front and back): Four tablespoons
– Both legs (more if you don’t shave): Four tablespoons

The place more cyclists forget to put sunscreen? The neck (the back of it in particular)

Number of minutes dermatologists recommend letting sunscreen dry before you head outside: 20

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