Easton and Panaracer Tyres Back In SA

Former pro Charles Keey believes these components are perfect for the SA's current gravel grinding boom.

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Former pro Charles Keey believes these components are perfect for the SA’s current gravel grinding boom.


Up and coming cycling distribution company Switchback Sports, announced that they have signed deals to distribute Easton components and Panaracer tyres in South Africa.

In recent months Easton Cycling has unveiled new and improved cranksets, wheels, cockpits, finishing kits as well as the competitively priced Cinch bottom-bracket based power metre, that will appeal to the South African road and growing gravel markets.

The Easton Cinch bottom bracket power meter is expected to be popular with the adventure cycling crowd

Panaracer Tyres makes a return to South Africa. With over 65 years of experience in manufacturing, Panaracer develops and produces every tyre in Japan. The company also produces many tyres under licence for niche brands. In the fast growing gravel segment, Panaracer’s GravelKing SK tubeless tyre has proved to be incredibly versatile and resilient to punctures, making it perfect for South African conditions.

Panaracer’s GravelKing SK tubeless tyres have proven to be quite resilient to punctures

Former professional mountain biker, mechanical engineer and Founder of Switchback Sports, Charles Keey, won the inaugural 404km Karoobaix using a set of GravelKing SK tubeless tyres. He says Switchback Sports will be tailoring its product offering to meet the needs of South African riders, with a distinct focus on service. Keey says Switchback Sports’s prides itself in its ability to adapt quickly to changes in rider preferences as well as in offering meaningful after-sales service.

Switchback Sports’s range of Easton and Panaracer products will be available countrywide from a growing network of retailers.

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