Toyota Launches All-New Corolla: Athletic, Advanced & Built For Performance

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The Toyota Corolla has transformed with the needs of South Africans; it’s become smarter, faster and much better looking.

“Introduced to the South African driver in 1966, the Toyota Corolla is entrenched in the Nation’s psyche as a go-to sedan,” says Toyota SA’s Senior Advertising Manager, Tasneem Lorgat.  “Its key target market is moving up in life – ambitious and tenacious, they are aspirational and want their vehicles to reflect their upwardly mobile status.

All rounder

This year the iconic brand is introducing a new era of Corolla, where three dynamic models come together under one name, where history of quality, meets future technology, where price meets performance, and power and beauty go hand in hand.

“While the Corolla badge is usually associated with the family-suited Corolla sedan, too few appreciate that the range also includes value-for-money and versatility offerings in the Quest derivative, performance and styling features prevalent in the Corolla Hatch, and world-class safety and technology in the newly-launched Corolla Sedan,” Lorgat adds.

Meet the new Toyota Corolla Range…

Toyota Corolla

Introducing the all-new 12th generation Toyota Corolla. Now with updated athletic styling, a more dynamic driving experience and a 2-litre* engine that makes it an all-round pleasure to drive. In addition, the premium range offers the Toyota Safety Sense Package which includes a Pre-Crash System*, Blind Spot Monitor* and Lane Keeping System*. The all-new Toyota Corolla truly has it all.

Corolla Quest

The new Corolla Quest is not just your average family sedan. Now with an upgraded 1.8 litre engine; innovative safety features; as well as a stylish new look inclusive of 16-inch alloy wheels*, partial leather* trim and a touchscreen infotainment system*, it’s not hard to see why this reliable and fuel-efficient family sedan has it all.

We just love the TV advert for the new Corolla Quest. Have you seen it?


The Corolla Hatch

The new Corolla Hatch is the kind of hatchback that performs with power but travels light, is obsessed with style and engages all your senses. The Corolla Hatch delivers compelling driving dynamics, remarkable handling and absolute comfort. Now available in bi-tone colours, the Corolla Hatch is your city must-have.


The Corolla range prides itself on impressive styling, both inside and out. No matter which Corolla you’re driving, you’ll experience absolute comfort and effortless luxury every time. You can feel it in the luxury partial leather* seats, leather* steering wheel and gear lever, high quality finishes, and the generous space options provided by the 60/40 rear seat split.


The Corolla range is big on power and all 3 vehicles deliver exceptional performance. So, if you’re looking for an exhilarating drive, you’re looking in the right range. Experience a 1.8-litre* engine in the Corolla Quest, a turbocharged 1.2-litre engine in the Corolla Hatch, or a 2-litre* engine in the all-new Corolla. Overall, the range offers a ride that is luxuriously smooth and remarkably thrilling.

Interior and Technology

Relax and drive in comfort, knowing you’re always connected to luxury in the Corolla range. You’ll experience it when you sink into the heated* seats with 2-way electronic lumbar support*, navigate the touchscreen infotainment system, or when the music from the Bluetooth-enabled sound system washes over you. All new Corollas can now be connected to the MyToyota App, which opens up a world of personalised offerings.

*Available on selected models

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