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Body20's EMS training offers time-cramped athletes a proven solution that allows for optimal gains in short, regular sessions.

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In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to get to the gym is a luxury. Building your dream body takes time, effort and discipline, and many of us give up before we even see the results. Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) Training has revolutionised the way we exercise. One weekly 20-minute session is all you need to activate rapid results – Body20 training programs are proven to be significantly more effective than any conventional gym workouts!

Using EMS to stay fit, healthy and build muscle is now proven by scientists and endorsed by athletes on a global scale.

1. It’s the perfect strength training tool: EMS can be utilised as a strength training tool for the average fitness enthusiast as well as pro and amateur athletes.

2. It helps people rehabilitate: It is used as a rehabilitation and preventive tool for people who are partially or totally immobilised.

3. Best post-exercise tool: It is used as a post-exercise recovery tool for athletes or post-operative patients.

How does EMS work?

Technology drives our daily lives and we could not imagine a moment without our smart watch, our laptops, our TVs or our phones. It only makes sense that tech would creep into our health and fitness plans as well! We are constantly looking for a better, more effective way to do things and that is exactly what EMS training and technology offers.

In order for a muscle to contract, your brain has to send an electrical impulse to neurons in muscle fibres. EMS basically mimics and amplifies what your brain does in this scenario. Using our EMS suits, electrical impulses are sent to the muscles, telling them to contract. This is also why EMS is particularly useful for people who have experienced an injury as the technology is able to “re-teach” their brain how to activate a muscle.

These impulses also reach deep muscle layers, which are harder to activate through regular training. The effect of the impulses causes the muscles to work harder than they would in a conventional gym session, in less time.

EMS activates the body’s slow-twitch muscle fibres and fast-twitch muscle fibres individually sending electrical pulses every four seconds. Slow-twitch muscle fibres contract and tire slowly; they are responsible for supporting muscle strength and endurance.

Fast-twitch muscle fibres contract quickly, they are our most powerful motor units but are difficult to target conventionally and require lots of energy and tire quickly as well. Electric muscle stimulation helps promote blood flow, sending oxygen to muscles while also flushing out lactic acids. 

Studies have shown that EMS training increases strength and endurance improvements, faster than conventional training. Significant fat loss can also be seen when the technology is used regularly and in conjunction with a wellness and nutrition programme. Body20 members receive all-inclusive support from our proprietary FitTrac Program – Powered by Coach Connect. This includes nutritional support and personalised meal plans, supplementation, and lifestyle tips from the Nutrition Doctor service, on-going InBody body composition scans and fitness evaluations, as well as continuous support from our qualified Coaches who help you to troubleshoot all different aspects of your lifestyle and adjust accordingly.

To experience Body20 for yourself or find out how you can be a part of the our leading franchise model, book a free demo at your nearest Body20 Studio and find out more!

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