These 4 Cape Cycle Routes Will Make You Want To Explore The Cape Now!

Explore the Cape on your bike with these carefully-developed cycling routes.

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Dreaming of One Day when you’d be able to escape your reality and soak up some picturesque beauty that’ll leave you feeling recharged? We’ve got your next local riding bucket list mapped out for you.

A cycle through the Cape is a ride like no other. It not only brings you a healthy challenge, but it also offers the most inspiring views and vast open semi-desert plateaus, where it feels like you can touch the stars. In the Western Cape, the sounds of nature and wildlife surround you, while an unforgettable scent of fynbos and the sensation of an ocean breeze; is guaranteed to soothe the soul.

Cape Cycle Routes

The Cape Cycle Routes, an initiative of the Western Cape Government, aims to put the Western Cape on the map as not just a premier tourism destination but as the best cycling destination in Africa because it is! Any cyclist that has tackled the open road of the Western Cape will vouch for the fact that the views and terrain in the Cape are what bike adventures are made of!

Here are the four cycling routes that form part of the Cape Cycle Route network. You have got to adventure along one if not all of these routes!

The Cross Cape – Plett to Stellenbosch (can be done in opposite)

The mother of all Routes – and a monster, if you try it all in one go. More appropriately a multi-day, even multi-week journey from sea to forest to desert to farmland to vineyard, via all the back roads and mountain passes you usually dream about from your car on the N2.

  • 742km | 10,461m | 5 – 20 days

Cycle Tour 364– Around Cape Town

One day of the year – the second Sunday in March – 35 000 cyclists take to the roads for the Cape Town Cycle Tour. For the other 364 days, this route cherry-picks the highlights of the world’s biggest bike race and includes some of the best views Cape Town has to offer.

  • 123km | 1,612m | 1-3 days

The Cederberg Circuit – Citrusdal to Citrusdal (circular route)

A trip back to simpler times in this ancient mountain chain, with opportunities to relax, swim, view ancient rock art and explore on foot. The winding mountain passes bring adventure around every bend. Cyclists can cycle in summer if you brave and prepared; for the rest, tackle the Cederberg in spring or autumn.

  • 247km | 3,538m | 3-6 days

The Overberg Meander – Swellendam to Grabouw/Elgin Valley

Quiet roads abound on this farmland wander, just a few hours from the madness of the big city. Perfect for a short getaway, with Overberg hospitality waiting to wrap you up and help you de-stress. The quaintness of the towns will capture you and the journey to the southern-most tip will leave you with one less thing to tick off your bucket list.

  • 364km | 2,700m | 3-6 days

As you slow travel through the Cape you’ll experience an abundance of natural beauty, warm welcomes and epic adventures, all on our network of good gravel and tarred roads, forest trails and single track.

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