Wednesday Wonderings: Just How Fast Is Nino?

How fast is fast? Can the voice of DH, Claudio Caluori keep up with Nino Schurter, on Nino's home track? With 80mm more travel?

By Tim Brink |

Ever wondered quite how fast Nino Schurter is on a bike? The Swiss rider dominates on the ascents, as we have all watched in amazement on his way to eight world championships, seven World Cup titles, and a cluster of Absa Cape Epics, but his climbing prowess is more than matched by legendary descending skills.

Claudio Caluori isn’t fast on the uphills, by reputation and possibly choice. The former downhill racer, with a World Cup podium in his palmares, is the man who brings us the Red Bull course previews each week during the World Cup season – a glorious mix of whoops and wipe-outs as he hangs on, just about, to the back of some of the best current DH phenoms to show us just how gnarly those tracks are.

The perfect guy, then, to sit behind Nino on the Swiss champ’s favourite descent, and comediantate all the way down. He brought a slick Specialized e-bike to the party – the big-travel Turbo Kenevo that made sure he could hang on to the top of the trailhead. With 180mm travel, big brakes, and even bigger other bits, you would think we would get 100% coverage of the back of El Nino, right? Best you watch, then. The kid is fast, with a capital F. Some would say that fast on a 100mm-travel XC bike is criminal, but even in the heat of the moment, watch how the most famous mountain biker in the world slows down for hikers… a lesson for all of us in trail and reputation management.

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BONUS MOMENT Don’t miss Nino not quite making it around a bend. Even perfection is imperfect, on occasion.

Enough waffle. Here is the full Nino show:


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