Winter Brakes 101

Winter can spell disaster for brakes. Mud, road grit and water accelerate wear, cause corrosion and may leave you stopping Fred Flintstone-style.

Don’t let grit and grime grind your brakes to a screeching halt, this is what to watch out for and tips on how to repair your brakes in any weather.

Rim Brakes

Signs of Wear:The grooves in your pads are thin or unevenly worn. You hear a grinding noise or braking feels less precise than normal.

Know This: Those grooves are there to channel debris away from your rims, and that noise may be coming from objects lodged in the grooves. Pads that lasted all summer and are half-worn can wear down to the metal in one wet, nasty ride. Even brand-new pads can wear out in one ride.

Do This: Check for embedded objects in the pads. Even if everything seems fine, check pads often and always put a fresh set on your rim brakes for the winter months.


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