These New Bibs from Ciovita Combine Comfort & Performance When You Need it Most

The result of countless hours of  R&D and testing, the new Apex Jacquard Bib Shorts from Ciovita represent a new frontier in high-performance cycle wear. 


The Ciovita Apex Jacquard Bib Shorts are an amalgamation of cutting-edge materials and ergonomic design.

These shorts incorporate a pro-fit leg length, ensuring a sleek and aerodynamic fit. The new pre-shaped ergonomic design allows for maximum movement and flexibility, adapting seamlessly to your body.

A standout feature is the use of Ultra-Megno woven Lycra in the main body, a durable and robust fabric comprising 66% Polyamide and 34% Elastane. This material choice guarantees longevity and maintains the shorts’ shape and compression capabilities over time.2

The Italian-made Argon X7 MK II pad insert is a critical component, offering unparalleled comfort and support for long rides. This high-quality insert reduces pressure points and absorbs shock, enhancing the riding experience.

The bibs feature breathable open-knit suspender elastic, which increases airflow and prevents overheating. The integrated gripper elastic at the leg ensures the shorts stay in place, eliminating any distractions while pedalling.

The advanced moisture-wicking mesh incorporated into the design effectively draws sweat away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. Lastly, the firm graduated compression not only enhances the fit but also boosts blood flow to the muscles, reducing fatigue and aiding in performance.

The Ciovita Apex Jacquard Bib ShortsThe Ciovita Apex Jacquard Bib Shorts Features

  • Pro-fit leg length
  • New pre-shaped ergonomic design
  • French Ultra-Megno woven lycra
  • Italian-made Argon X7 MKII pad insert
  • Breathable open-knit suspender elastic
  • Integrated gripper elastic at leg
  • Advanced moisture-wicking mesh
  • Firm graduated compression boosts blood flow to muscles


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