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core 1
November 26, 2015, No comments

Fantastic news for crunch-haters: doing this short core workout just once a week gives you the same strength benefits as doing it two or three times weekly.

Trail to MTB

The Trail To MTB

November 26, 2015, No comments

Switching from road to MTB? Or from MTB to road? Don’t worry about fitness – there’s something more important than that. ... Read More »

Illustration by
Charlie Layton

11 Most Annoying Types of Cyclists

November 13, 2015, No comments

We love how passionate cyclists are. But sometimes, we can become too enthusiastic. Here are 11 behaviours that can be overwhelming. ... Read More »

  • crash_carl_Fourie
    How Not To Crash
    November 11, 2015, 2 Comments

    Six common causes of crashes - and some tips on how to avoid them. And if you do happen to buy some tar, we offer a few tips on how to fall without do ... Read More »

  • crossfit-pistol-squat
    CrossFit for Cyclists
    October 29, 2015, No comments

    CrossFit. The intense, gym-based program focuses on general fitness—endurance, stamina, strength, power, flexibility, speed, coordination, and accur ... Read More »