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October 30, 2014, No comments

Why you can, and maybe should, add resistance training to your repertoire to get better on your bike.

Photo: Zoon Cronje

How To Survive Your First 94.7

October 28, 2014, No comments

You're a week and a half away from your first Momentum 94.7. Here's what you need to know about eating for it. ... Read More »


Diets Demystified

October 23, 2014, No comments

Want to follow that new diet craze? Learn about it here first. ... Read More »

Karin Schermbrucker/Cape Epic/Sportzpics

The Heat Is On

October 23, 2014, No comments

Six important factors to keep in mind when the temperatures soar. ... Read More »

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    Heavyweight Champion
    October 2, 2014, 1 Comment

    How lifting heavy weights with your legs can improve your endurance. By Mark Carrol Straight away, this won’t sound right to most riders; but liftin ... Read More »

  • Keept the Pace size
    Keep The Pace
    October 2, 2014, No comments

    Master the art of drafting with these wind-cheating secrets. By Jon Marcus If you spend most of your time pedalling solo, you may not fully appreciate ... Read More »