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Stretch 4
September 22, 2015, No comments

Increase your flexibility—and improve your cycling—with these stretches.


The Basics of Changing Gears

May 7, 2015, No comments

With a little practice, changing gears can be as intuitive as pedaling. Here are six things to remember. ... Read More »


10 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

May 6, 2015, No comments

Nine common pitfalls when you're just starting to ride - and how to avoid them. ... Read More »


8 Tricks To Your Best (& Fastest) Cycle Tour

March 4, 2015, 1 Comment

Riding the perfect race is not easy. Factors such as the route, weather and other riders all play a part. But here are a few tricks to give you the ed ... Read More »

  • crash_carl_Fourie
    How Not To Crash
    November 18, 2014, No comments

    Six common causes of crashes - and some tips on how to avoid them. And if you do happen to buy some tar, we offer a few tips on how to fall without do ... Read More »