3 Top Solutions for your Carrying your Tools & Snacks


If you’re going to be riding any sort of distance, you need to be prepared… What happens if you get a puncture, or your seat post starts slipping? Here are three carry solutions for your tools and puncture-repair gear.

Restrap Top Tube Bag

Restrap Top Tube Bag

Restrap is a family-run British brand known for their stylish and functional touring and bikepacking gear. 

This simple top-tube bag does everything it needs to do perfectly. It has a clever elastic fastener that goes around your fork steerer, and a wide, rubberised Velcro strap that goes around your top tube. Once the bag is secure, it doesn’t move around at all. (There’s also a bolt-on model if your frame can accommodate that, without the Velcro strap.)

Size-wise, at just under a litre, it’s plenty big enough for all your tools and puncture-repair stuff, plus an energy bar or two and even a lightweight jacket. The best thing about having a top- tube bag instead of a seat bag is how easy it is to access all your things – you can even open and close it while riding. I did find the zip a little tricky to close with one hand when I’d opened it all the way – you almost need two hands, holding to hold one end tight with one while you pull the zip with the other – but if you know this and you don’t zip all the way, it’s easy to use on the move.

It’s made from waterproof textured nylon and fits all my bikes, including my mountain bike. 

R799 / everydaycyclesupplyco.com

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Rapstrapz Saddle Mount

Rapstrapz Saddle Mount

This minimalist local invention consists of a grippy Velcro strap that goes through your saddle rails, with some elasticated bits to keep your gear in place. It needs a tube to work, and once you’ve secured that, you can add two CO2 bombs and a pair of tyre levers. You’ll have to put your other stuff in your pockets or in another bag, but this is a super-lightweight way to attach your bulky gear safely and securely with minimal fuss.

And having all your stuff exposed like that also makes you look like a racing snake who means business. Bonus!

R299 / rapstrapz.com

Wonkey Donkey Roti handlebar bag

Wonky Donkey Roti Handlebar Bag

Wonkey Donkey is Capetonian Dom Nobrega’s side hustle. He makes a range of practical and fun bags for cyclists, including a saddle bag, feed bag and our favourite, this nifty little handlebar bag. 

It’s made from weather-resistant grey cordura or black canvas, with a brightly coloured padded inner and adjustable straps to attach it to your bar. Each one is handmade with love, and you can customise your colours via the website. 

Like a top tube bag, the handlebar bag is so versatile. It’s not just for tools; it’s for anything you might need on your ride, like a stick of lip balm, your phone, a windbreaker, snacks… It’s also easy to access while you’re riding. 

And you’re right – it’s not aero. But you’re not Wout van Aert, either.

R550 / wonkydonkey.co.za

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