Bicycling’s 2020 Ultimate Gift Guide: Coffee on the Go

Just brew it! Life is too short for bad coffee, even when you are on the road less travelled. Especially on the road less travelled.

By Jon Minster |

Make space in your seat bag for one of these coffee on the go solutions.

Being out in the wilderness on your bike doesn’t mean having to forego every life luxury. Not that caffeine is a luxury, of course. It is the basic lifeblood of any bike ride, and any one of these three solutions will turn a bleary pre-dawn start into the hinterland into an eyes-wide pedal into a day full of possibilities.

Just brew it. Because life is too short for bad coffee.

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Coffee On The Go by Brewspoon

This is one of the lightest and most compact contraptions around, taking up about as much space as a tablespoon. Simply fill the spoon with coarse-ground coffee, close it, put it in a cup and add hot water. Stir for about a minute, and remove the spoon. Done!

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Coffee On The Go by Bialetti Moka Express 2-cup

The old classic but in pint-size form, so you can take it bike-packing. Used in conjunction with a camping stove like a Jetboil, it will deliver one cup of strong, aromatic coffee, or two hits of espresso if you need a quick caffeine fix at the viewpoint on Vanrhyns Pass.

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Coffee On The Go by Aeropress GO

The Aeropress is like a French press on steroids – it forces hot water through the coff

ee grounds at pressure, delivering a rich, smooth brew. The new one has been designed for travel – all the bits fit inside the press, which in turn fits inside a decent-sized plastic mug. All you need is hot water, so make friends with someone in the campsite with a kettle. Or pack a stove, such as a Jetboil.

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