D’Arcs Tundra Sport: Stylish on the Face, Easy on the Wallet

The latest iteration in a three-decade line of functional, stylish eyewear, D'Arc's new Tundra Sport looks the part, and plays it too.

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D’Arcs eyewear has been providing top-value riding glasses for more than 30 years, without compromising rider eye safety or comfort. The newest model in the range, the Tundra Sport, features its AURA High Definition lens in a lightweight, Polycarbonate pair of sport glasses that will be sure to enhance any activity you love doing.

There are three options, starting with the all-day reflective green standard lens, complemented by two varied-condition options: the top-end REACT photo-chromatic darkens and lightens as the sun comes and goes, whether that be through cloud or tree cover variables, while the AURA high-definition lens sharpens leading edges, shadows and variances in terrain to help your eyes keep you as safe as can be.

The Tundra Sport frames are cutting-edge in both design and build – as stylish as anything out there, without the big-dollar price tag, nor the weird and wonderful fashion-show designs the sheep love on their faces, superbly ventilated and as strong and durable as any, with a snug fit that keeps them firmly in place while never feeling restrictive.

D’Arcs Tundra Sport sunglasses are available from all reputable bike shops and sports retailers, and you can view the full D’Arcs range at www.darcs.co.za.

D’ArcsTundra Sport Sunglasses


  • Strong Polycarbonate lens and frame
  • Includes microfibre pouch
  • 100% UV protection


  • DXS350.0 Black/Green – Polycarbonate Sport lens – R959
  • DXS350.5 Black/Rose– AURA High Definition lens – R1 249
  • DXS350.1 Black – REACT Photochromic – R1 470


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